Predicting the end of the Saturn Death Cult – let the fun begin!

It is apparent that key players in the Saturn Death Cult machine are facing extreme challenges to their existence.  In my opinion they have less than ten years left as a force on this planet.  The next ten years will see a radical transformation in human society based on values completely at odds with the ambitions and desires of these key players – the Saturn Death Cult and its financial arm called Mystery Babylon are finding they are in a fight for their very survival.

And a cornered Beast is a very dangerous animal! So be warned!

For this reason I have decided to add a blog to the Saturn Death Cult website as a way of highlighting the relevance of Saturn Death Cult activities, both past and present, to our daily lives.  Without committing to a specific timetable I intend to bring to your attention various current affairs and scientific discoveries that support elements of this website’s cosmology while also focusing on what I see as the current demise of the Saturn Death Cult’s grip on our financial, political and spiritual world.

As part of this coverage I will also attempt to forecast events before they occur.  This is not an attempt or a result of clairvoyance, channelling or self-prophecy, none of which talents I possess.  However, I will call upon forecasting resources as I see fit with certain prophetical traditions playing an important part of much of my analysis of where I think we are going as a species.  Needless to say, any such forecasts are my own interpretations and are, as such, subject to extreme error.  (You may find such forecasting attempts entertaining – but for your own sanity take none of my forecasts as advice. i.e.  do your own research and rely on your own abilities to reason and decide)

As the world enters into the last quarter of 2011 I think it is important that some commentary is made concerning what I see as the impending implosion of the Saturn Death Cult financial system, otherwise known as Mystery Babylon (i.e. the international banking and financial system).

If my theories about the origins and financial activities of the Saturn Death Cult have any merit, then we should be able to discern evidence of this system’s collapse and make a few deductions as to where we are heading economically.  I consider this the most important element to understanding how and why the Saturn Death Cult is entering its death froes – their love of money makes their world go round, and it’s implosion under the weight of insane central banking debt will bring their world to an deadly end.  Knowing the nature of such things will help us understand how their desperate attempts at continuing their debt-based system directly impacts us on a day-to-day level.

I believe we are at a momentous period of history that will define the future of humanity.  I am actually confident that a better future awaits us and that the Saturn Death Cult and all its control mechanisms of debt-based fiat money and warped theology will soon be nothing more than a horrible memory.  With this in mind, you and I have a choice to make – either we serve Babylon and its banksters, or we serve the higher Truth of debt forgiveness and the establishment of a lawful and equitable system of weights and measures.


A recent report in the British newspaper The Telegraph signifies a growing awareness in mainstream financial and news circles that a mighty financial crash is imminent.

Market crash ‘could hit within weeks’, warn bankers

A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be on the way, according to alarm signals in the credit markets.

The end quote from the article sums things up nicely:

“I think we are heading for a market shock in September or October that will match anything we have ever seen before,” said a senior credit banker at a major European bank.

That such a crash is due is not really news to those who follow such things and who do not have a vested interest in the markets doing well.  Regular visitors to websites like Zerohedge, Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis, King World News and Max will have a fairly good grasp on the economic realities facing the world economy today.  It doesn’t look good and the relentless rise of gold and silver are clear indications that people are losing faith in fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro.

Then there are the ‘fringe’ predictions coming from the excellent webbot project guys who call themselves ‘Time Monks’ as they sift through screeds of Internet chatter looking for linguistic trends that give us clues to possible future trends.   According to their ‘rickety time machine’ the last quarter of 2011 will prove to be a particularly dangerous time for world markets, amongst other things.  While I place the webbot’s predictive powers at only about 30-40 % accuracy in successfully forecasting future events and issues, this still places them notably above probability.  My point is that they fully expect very negative things to happen to the world financial system.

But there is more to this than meets the modern eye, especially for those who understand the historical context of the modern financial system being nothing more than the ancient Babylonian debt-based finance system in disguise.  That’s why we refer to the modern system as ‘Mystery’ Babylon, or occult(hidden) Babylon.

With this understanding one can look carefully at the textual evidence surrounding this ancient financial debt-based system and start to pick up clues as to how the predicted crash in its modern version may play out.  Key to this is knowing the role played by gold and silver and their connections between ancient Babylon and today’s modern finance system.

Let me explain.

The writing is on the wall for Mystery Babylon’s financial system

If it’s true that history doesn’t repeat, but rhymes, then there is also a case for saying that prophecy is the rhyming echo of past recorded events.  The fall of ancient Babylon is one such echo now being heard in the stock markets and banking circles of today’s financial system.

Babylon’s fall is recorded in the fifth chapter of the biblical book of Daniel where it is reported that king Belshazzer of Babylon got drunk with his concubines and nobles and proceeded to violate the sanctity of the golden vessels captured from Solomon’s temple by using them as drinking cups.  This resulted in the appearance of the famous ‘writing on the wall’ in which a mysterious hand appeared during the height of the drunken debauchery and wrote MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.

The translation by Daniel to the fearful Babylonian king is as follows:

MENE: God has numbered your kingdom and finished it.

TEKEL:  You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.

UPHARSIN:  Your kingdom has been divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

Fast forward to the last five years and you have a chortling US president George W. Bush flippantly passing off the fraudulent activities of bankers under his watch as: ‘Wall Street got drunk! (huck, huck, huck)’ Kind of reminiscent of those bad boy nobles getting loaded with king Belshazzer.  Remember that under the Saturn Death Cult model, Babylon symbolises the debt-based financial system, so to describe today’s custodians of debt-based finance as having gotten drunk is very apt.

However, it’s the Babylonian’s use of the Temple’s golden vessels as drinking cups that best echoes modern day Wall Street’s drunken antics leading to today’s financial crisis.  In the Hebrew priestly traditions the Temple was the model of a nation operating under their God’s law.  Each brick was symbolic of a person in that nation, and every pillar a person of authority and standing in the nation.  The golden vessels of the Temple  represented the priesthood of the nation, and they were the very custodians of ensuring God’s law was known and enforced – they were the regulators responsible for ensuring a just system of weights and measures.  Only they could drink from the Temple’s golden vessels.

In drinking from these golden vessels the Babylonian king and his nobles arrogantly declared themselves fit to be the regulators of a system of weights and measures that was opposite the law of the Hebrews.  Where this has its echo in today’s financial mess is in the way that our financial regulators were compromised by Wall Street in its mad desire to get ‘drunk’, as Dubya so eloquently put it.

What we see is that from the ratings agencies to the financial markets regulatory commissions there was a complete breakdown in the enforcement of existing regulations to ensure a fair and equitable market.  Wall Street banks poured their fraudulent poison into the passive yet receptive ratings agencies until they overflowed with intoxicating financial cocktails capable of producing the biggest financial hangover ever experienced by Wall Street’s party boys.

It was during the subsequent hangover following Belshazzer’s drunken orgy that the Medes and the Persians entered Babylon unopposed due to the clever tactic of diverting the Euphrates river that ran under Babylon’s walls and marching in on the dry riverbed.  You could say that Babylon’s liquidity was cut off, to use a financial term from today.  In fact, you could say this is a clue echoing down to us from ancient Babylon as to how modern financial Mystery Babylon will fall in the near future.  A quote from the above mentioned Telegraph article puts it well:

“The problem is a shortage of liquidity – that is what is causing the problems with the banks. It feels exactly as it felt in 2008,” said one senior London-based bank executive.

I would say it also feels like 539 BC, the year ancient Babylon fell.  As they say, the writing is on the wall.

(In my next entry I’ll continue this discussion of a coming financial collapse with a detailed look at the role of modern day Persia (Iran) and the roles played by Gold and Silver)

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