Predicting the end of the Saturn Death Cult – Part 3

In my previous post I left a hint as to who I see playing the role of the Medes and Persians in the upcoming fall of modern Mystery Babylon, the modern international finance system operated by the most powerful elitist elements of the Saturn Death Cult.  As events begin to accelerate in the financial world and Mystery Babylon’s river of liquidity quickly and catastrophically dries up, I think it’s time to pay some attention to the role of Germany and Russia and the legacy of a mostly forgotten Nazi called Martin Bormann.

I left off in my last post with the below series of images:




Of course, from left to right we are looking at the official coats of arms for modern Germany, modern Russia and ancient Persia.  Readers of the Saturn Death Cult will know that these symbols can be directly traced to the mythological cult of the god Saturn.  However, what’s important to note here is the similarity between the Persian coat of arms, the people responsible for the overthrow of ancient Babylon, and the German and Russian coasts of arms.  Is it possible that an alliance of convenience between one of the world’s foremost manufacturing and exporting economies and one blessed with huge natural resources is in the making?  And for what purpose?

For some time I have been following the writings of one Dr. Joseph P. Farrell who has blessed us with his research into the continuing influence of the Nazi experiment in the modern world.  For aware readers it will come as no surprise that this influence is largely a financial one and Dr. Farrell has made a solid case for attributing the financial establishment of what he calls the Nazi International to one Martin Bormann.

Martin Bormann, Hitler’s personal secretary, was apparently a financial genius and he seems to have engineered a far-reaching plan that gave the Nazi survivors of Hitler’s doomed Third Reich the financial clout to continue playing with the big boys long after the end of hostilities in 1945.  They merely blended in with the existing elitist establishment within such organisations as NASA, the Bilderbergers and the Club of Rome while continuing experiments into advanced technologies from bases in Argentina. (NOTEThis is another interesting link to Daniel’s statue, i.e. Argentina means Land of Silver.  Silver = Persians. See previous two posts)

According to this concept, Bormann cut a deal with the Anglo-American banking establishment through the deposit of huge amounts of looted cash into western banking coffers.  This, in turn, allowed the Nazis to continue functioning in a hidden and international manner while the Anglo-American banking establishment got to play with all that dough.

The long-term result of this arrangement seems to have been the European economic experiment called the European Union and its currency experiment called the Euro.   However, Dr. Farrell argues that Martin Bormann’s depositing of cash into the Anglo-American banking establishment essentially acted as a marker that was going to come due.  He makes a strong case that the current financial crisis stalking the world could be a sign of the Anglo-American banksters’ inability to make good on said marker and that the repercussions are the collapse of western banking interests in favour of a Germany run Europe.

To cut a long story short, the collapse of the western banking system that we are seeing today seems to be unwittingly placing all the cards into German hands.  While we are being told that Germany is increasingly being burdened with bailing out the rest of Europe, the flip side to this is that Germany may be about to gain unprecedented financial control of Europe in exchange for funding these bailouts.  While taking on an extreme financial burden, Germany may be angling for a payoff that sees what amounts to a loss of sovereignty for the rest of Europe.  In other words, what Hitler’s Germany could not do with tanks and guns, ‘Financial’ Germany is doing with bailouts and the demand for financial oversight.

On a more sinister level, it may ultimately mean that Germany ups the anti and demands collateral for its willingness to bail out the rest of Europe.  At this time the only logical form of collateral in a cash-strapped Europe would be – you guessed it – gold and silver.  Maybe that’s what was behind the Bormann deal with the Anglo-American banksters in which the Nazis knew western finance would ultimately implode under its own debt-based fiat currency system.  i.e. get them in debt and then dictate terms with a new gold-backed currency when Western funny-money imploded.

What this means is that if Germany were to demand the gold reserves of all the European nations it bails out as collateral, then Germany would end up controlling approximately 10,000 tonnes of gold.  This is 2,000 tonnes more than the USA.  This means that Germany would then be capable of announcing a new gold-backed currency as a replacement for a failed Euro. It also means the US dollar would lose its reserve status almost overnight – Check and Mate!

But what about Russia?

Russia is a nation that has suffered terribly at the hands of the Saturn Death Cult.  Not only did they endure the horrors of communism (a Saturn Death Cult funded experiment), but they were also recently raped by Anglo-American banking interested immediately after the end of communism in their country.  Russia is also a nation blessed with vast natural resources,… resources ideally placed to maintain the advanced manufacturing economy of Germany if Germany were to go it alone and issue a new gold-backed currency.  Russia has gold and oil and Russia is also capable of starring down the US militarily, thus providing the muscle in a partnership with Germany.  And to top things off – Russia is no friend of the US and, by extension, no friend of the Anglo-American banking establishment that I refer to as Mystery Babylon.

However, what really links Germany and Russia together is their relationship to a third nation – Iran (Persia).   Both countries have deep economic and geopolitical interests in Iran and both countries are increasingly uncomfortable with US policies concerning Iran.  It could be that on a geopolitical level, events involving Iranian tensions with the US and its allies Britain and Israel will be yet another catalyst for driving Russia and Germany closer together.

(Just for the record, German Chancellor Angela Merkel only speaks one other language apart from her native German – Russian.  Putin, the real power in Russia speaks good German.)

So, where does that leave us?

From previous posts you will know that I have applied a kind of ‘history rhymes’ approach in contrasting the fall of ancient Babylon with the collapse of the modern finance system.  Within the scope of that comparison, the next event has been postulated to be the drying up of financial liquidity as an analogue to the drying up of the Euphrates as part of ancient Persia’s tactics in taking ancient Babylon.

Consider this latest news:

Amro Complains About Interbank Liquidity Crunch, As CEO Says End Of Euro Would Make 1930s Seem Like “A Trifle”

As we have been writing for a while now, it is not in the arcania of shadow banking that one needs to look to find increasing signs of the collapse in interbank lending. No: something as simple as Libor, especially its USD variant, which is so crucial to USD-crunched European banks, is more than sufficient to determine that not just Greece, or the PIIGS, but now the entire Eurozone is becoming completely dependent on the dollar generosity of the ECB, and the various other regional central banks.

This by implication means that the Fed will once again be forced to step in, “in size” and bail out the world, only this time it is far more debatable if the world believes that even the Fed alone is sufficient to prevent a rising global insolvency tsunami. And confirming how bad it is, we now have none other than ABN AMRO’s CEO on the tape, complaining loudly about liquidity: this is and always has been a move of total desperation as the last thing a bank wants to do is give any indication of funding weakness. Furthermore, since ABN Amro is not a USD LIBOR reporting bank, we can safely say that the dollar liquidity crunch has spread far and wide from the 18 BBA member banks, where it is hardly any easier to procure the former reserve currency.

Well, with that said about the current state of liquidity in modern Mystery Babylon, it’s time to turn our attention to Tuesday’s German vote on whether they will accept providing more and more bailouts to their fiscally irresponsible European partners.  Whatever the outcome, if Germany demands collateral for future bailouts, then you know its game on!  The Medes and the Persians will have begun to march.

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