Saturn Death Cult images in Denver?

A reader has brought to my attention a curious similarity between one of the graphics within Saturn Death Cult and a mural that is part of the artwork decorating the
notorious Denver International Airport.  I say notorious because this airport has long
been speculated to be a part of New World Order (NWO) plans to provide a safe
haven for the governing elite while the rest of us are left to suffer a population reducing apocalypse.

The following image is found on my Golden Age page in which I claim mankind witnessed Saturn in all its glory as a fully fledged sun residing at Earth’s celestial north. It’s reproduced here below:

The above image was contrasted with this photo of a mural on display at Denver International  Airport:

Mural, Denver Airport. credit: hanneorla

My comments: Like the reader who so kindly brought this image to my attention, I was struck by the similarity in archetypes.  The universal ‘squatter man’ petro glyphs that electric universe researchers equate with pinched auroral plasma effects is apparent in the Denverimage.  That a suspected NWO hotspot like Denver International Airport should have such a ‘saturnian-like’ image is something that makes me go,… mmmm. . .

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