‘Mysterious’ rock wheels are ancient Venus observations

The existence of mysterious ‘giant wheel’ rock structures whose shape can only be fully perceived from the air have been known since the 1920s when British pilots first reported them after flights across the Syrian and Jordanian deserts.  The strange structures, now sometimes compared to the famous Nazca Lines of South America, are found as far afield as Saudi Arabia.  As to why they are there, a professor studying the rock ‘wheels’ says for now their meaning remains a mystery. “The question is what was the purpose?”

Credit: David D. Boyer

In a report carried on LiveScience.com Professor David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia has begun an aerial reconnaissance project that is looking at archaeological sites across Jordan.  According to the report the giant wheel-like structures (pictured above) number in their thousands.

The article tells us that some of the structures have been associated with ancient burials, despite little excavation having been done to confirm this hypothesis.  The idea that the ancients had an obsessive fixation with burial rituals is one that has lead to the faulty conclusion that structures such as the Great Pyramid of Giza were tombs. The same faulty logic is obviously being applied here.

However, I give Professor Kennedy his due when he says of the mysterious structures that:  “The question is what was the purpose?”

Of course, Saturn Death Cult readers will have seen such images before, but only by looking up into the ancient theoretical sky postulated by Saturn Theory.  The multi-spoked wheel is a common symbol in ancient middle eastern cultures and has often been associated with the cult of Ishtar, a goddess identified as Venus.  See this image of Nimrod below complete with his ‘Ishtar wristwatch’.  The accompanying image is the Ishtar symbol utilized by esoteric tradition.

Saturn Theory postulates an alignment of the planets Saturn, Venus and Mars that would have produced the following image to observers from Earth whenever the planet Venus flared under electrical stress:

Conclusion: The mysterious giant rock wheels of Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are no mystery at all.  They are carefully preserved records of the various phases that the Saturnian alignment of planets would have gone through before their permanent breakup at the end of the Golden Age. During this breakup, Venus ultimately broke loose and became a menacing comet-like object that brought death and destruction to Earth durin periodic inter-planetary encounters. (See Doomsday!)

The only mystery for this writer is how and if such structures were observed from the air in ancient times?

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