Predicting the end of the Saturn Death Cult – Part 4

The world’s top central bankers, high priests of the Saturn Death Cult, know they have to keep their river of financial liquidity flowing in order to survive.  In desperation they are flooding the dying European financial system with a new torrent of printed money.  But will this stop their river from drying up?

In my first three blog entries (here, here and here) I put forward the case that the fall of ancient Babylon has its echoes in the current financial crisis beleaguering today’s financial system of debt-based money.  Of course, this comparison is based on the understanding that the modern financial system can be identified as Mystery Babylon, a kingdom of merchants that have their origins in the old mystery schools and secret societies of ancient Babylon (see Babylon and the Love of Money)

Since posting those entries I have been watching with fascination the events surrounding the European debt crisis while waiting for signs of death-dealing liquidity crunch.  I think that moment may be upon us as central banks open up the floodgates for a dried-up European banking system.  However, no amount of so-called liquidity being pumped in to the European banks will be able to solve what is essentially a solvency crisis.  This latest act by the central banks smacks of pure desperation.

I expect things to muddle along for about two or three weeks while news about private investment entities blowing up seeps through – then the real frightening stuff should begin.  Rumours are already spreading that the supposed UBS rogue trader had been caught short on silver.  Watch this story very carefully as it may be the visible start of Silver’s role in the fall of Mystery Babylon.

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