On reflection, it was staring me right in the face,…

Yep, this is after all the Saturn Death Cult website and my previous claims about Venus in a previous post are almost unforgivable in light of this.

Credit: David L. Kennedy

In a previous post I claimed that the large ‘wheel-like’ rock structures (pictured above) found on the Jordanian, Syrian and Saudi deserts were indicative of astronomical observations of Venus during the period when the planet was nestled in the Saturn polar configuration of planets during the Golden Age.

Now take a look at this NASA image of Saturn’s rings as they have been behaving recently, and take a guess at where I missed the full picture:

Credit: NASA

Commenting on the above photo, a Picture-of-the-day entry on Thunderbolts.org had this to say about the very obvious radial shadows strewen across Saturn’s rings:

Spokes have not been seen in Saturn’s rings for years. What caused them to return?
Radial shadows extending across Saturn’s ring plane, called “spokes,” were first detected by the twin Voyager spacecraft as they flew past the giant planet in November 1980 and then in August 1981. However, when Cassini-Huygens entered orbit around Saturn in July 2004, the spokes were gone. Five years later, the now renamed Cassini-Equinox high resolution imagers have seen the spokes again.

‘Spokes’, as in the ‘spokes’ of a wheel, are only a recently known feature of Saturn’s rings.  According to the electric universe model they are a manifestation of increased electrical activity on Saturn.  Yet, if Saturn’s rings were once observed at close range from Earth when tht planet resided in the celestial north, this ‘spokes’ phenomenon would have been all too obvious – and they would have come to represent a warning.

Now take another look at the first photo in this post of the wheel-like rock structures in the Jordanian desert and visualise looking at a north pole positioned Saturn within its rings while the rings are undergoing a flare-up in ‘spoke’ activity.  Might it have looked something like this back in the Golden Age during a period when the recently ejected Venus was not flaring?

The Saturn Polar Configuration: Saturn's rings develop 'spokes' during a prelude to enhanced electrical activity. Venus and Mars can be seen at Saturn's centre providing the axel for the 'spokes' phenomenon.

Credit: David L. Kennedy

Compare the above with the stone structure at right.

In the next graphic I speculate on what may have taken place soon after Saturn’s increase in electrical activity: a sudden and frighteningly beautiful flare-up of Venus causing its famous starburst pattern:


Venus flares in sympathy with Saturn's increased electrical output. The result is the familiar eight-pointed star burst often associated with the Ishtar cult, a forerunner of Venus. This star burst could sometimes take on a six-pointed aspect.

Credit: Robert H. Bewley

Compare the postulated Venus starburst with the rock structure pictured at right.

From the above we can see that it might have been vitally important for inhabitants of the Earth to monitor the ‘spoke’ activity of Saturn. Any increase in electrical activity would have come to be seen as a harbinger of potentially catastrophic electrical events being transfered to Earth.

Of course, the Venus interpretation in my previous post on this subject remains valid, especially if you view it from the perspective of Wal Thornhill who has provided us with this exceptional take on the issue.  But all observations during this postulated epoch would have been within the greater context of monitoring Saturn’s periodic flare-ups.

I urge the reader to check out the full gallery of rock structures photographed in the Jordanian and Syrian deserts in order to make their own comparisons. However, I am still somewhat miffed with myself for not having picked up on the Saturn ‘spokes’ connection earlier.

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