Silver and Liquidity Troubles Intensify in Modern Financial Babylon

A brief update on the ‘Silver’ connection in attempting to predict the fall of the Saturn Death Cult financial system.
In previous posts under the title ‘Predicting the end of the Saturn Death Cult’ (here, here, here and here) I have discussed the possible role of silver in the collapse of today’s international financial system, a system that is identified throughout SDC as having its origins in the ancient Babylonian gold-standard debt-based money system.

The argument stemming from this analogy is based on silver being the metal ascribed to Medo-Persia, the ancient kingdom that supplanted ancient gold-based Babylon.  The question remains:  Is there some predictive juice to be gained in contrasting the fall of ancient Babylon with the possible fall of the modern financial system?

In answer to this I have urged readers to watch for two primary trends in the ongoing financial crisis:

  1. The drying up of liquidity within the international banking system
  2. The role of the silver market in exposing gross manipulation of the markets in general by certain banks intimately identified with the current financial system

J.P. Morgan is probably the most intricately linked bank to upholding the modern debt-based financial system.  Consider the following:

Identities of JP Morgan Silver Manipulators Exposed

Identities of people involved in the alleged JP Morgan conspiracy to manipulate the price of silver have been exposed, along with the mechanisms of the manipulation of silver. King World News was contacted two days ago by key people familiar with this situation. This was described by an individual out of London who is very familiar with the lawsuit as, “The biggest news in a long time because these are actual people who are coming out and naming names of individuals who were involved in this alleged conspiracy with JP Morgan to actively manipulate the price of silver. People may go to jail over this. JP Morgan has all barrels pointing at them as traders are named in this suit, including senior traders at JP Morgan.”

JP Morgan is apparently facing a massive and very serious lawsuit over allegations that it is behind the manipulation of silver prices, a tactic that is believed to be a part of propping up the current financial status quo.  JP Morgan is also rumoured to be massively short in silver, a problem that becomes hugely magnified when its stock price drops below that of the silver spot price.

Also, there are still the rumours that the UBS ‘rogue trader’ was short the silver market.  I feel sorry for this guy, as he is so obviously being hung out as the sacrificial scapegoat for UBS.  Unfortunately, Mystery Babylon has a habit of doing this to its minions when they become inconvenient.  Keep watching this story, as there is more to this than meets the eye.

Some may comment that the silver market is too small to be of any real consequence.  But then so too was the ‘chink’ in Babylon’s massive defensive walls when it fell to the Persians.

Of course there, is still the issue of liquidity drying up as part of the equation, as the burgeoning Greek problem persists.

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