Saturn Death Cult’s debt-based liquidity is drying up: Their endgame approaches

In previous posts under the title ‘Predicting the End of the Saturn Death Cult’ I alluded to a sequence of upcoming events in the modern financial system that could mirror the fall of ancient Babylon, an empire whose own financial system of debt-based money has been the basic model for all successive and repressive financial systems propagated by what I call the Saturn Death Cult.

A key element in that sequence of events was the drying up of financial liquidity in today’s international financial system as a metaphorical mirror to the tactic employed by the conquering Persians in drying up of the Euphrates River that flowed through ancient Babylon.  With European bond markets in complete turmoil as a result of ever more volatile financial events over the last two months, the moment that modern Babylon’s walls are breached may have finally come.

The headline of a recent Zero Hedge article says it all:  Global Dollar Liquidity Freeze Leads To Pervasive Sell Off.

According to the Zero Hedge post:

“The entire dollar funding market is now at levels not seen since the Lehman collapse and is effectively frozen. Only this time it is much, much worse as never before has the global central bank cadre been assumed and implied to be backstopping the global liquidity cascade.”

What Zero Hedge refers to as the ‘global central bank cadre’ is none other than the financial arm of the Saturn Death Cult, what is referred to on this website as Mystery Babylon.  In the mainstream media you will constantly hear claims by central bankers and their supporters that the current financial crisis is a liquidity problem.  It is not – it is a solvency problem and the whole rotten edifice of world central banking has been found wanting and all but declared bankrupt by the malfunctioning bond markets that deal in their debt-based money!

However, the world at large will only truly become aware of the perils faced by the international financial system once financial liquidity dries up.  That is quite obviously happening now as one European nation after another collapses under its own debt burden – thus threatening the very survival of the central banking system that lent them the money in the first place.

In the meantime, Europe’s only financially strong nation, Germany, is calling louder for the shedding of sovereignty by those nations collapsing under their debt burden; of course, implicit in these calls is that Germany will naturally assume indirect control via Brussels over other European nation’s economies since they are the ones who will be called on to bail out their debt-challenged neighbours.  This has brought Germany into conflict with France behind the scenes as both countries jockey for advantage in what is becoming a very damaging showdown of political wills.

For an extremely interesting confirmation of Germany’s position in all this I urge you to watch this YouTube upload of Euroskeptic Nigel Farage’s latest outburst in the European Parliament – it’s amazingly provocative in a Europe where people still remember a little incident called the Second World War in which Germany once before tried to attain European domination.

For those familiar with the nomenclature of the Saturn Death Cult, I prefer to see this showdown between France and Germany as a recycling of the conflict between ancient Babylon and ancient Media-Persia.  In this case, France is merely the most recent voice representing the interests of the international cabal of central bankers who are demanding that the solution to Europe’s financial problems follow their well-worn playbook of piling more debt onto existing debt.  Expect the voices of US financial interests to be added to France’s in the near future, particularly that of Goldmanite Turbo-Timmy Geitner as the Saturn Death Cult’s financial stooges become more and more desperate.

Germany, on the other hand, has been, and will continue to resist this and that is why we have seen a slew of German bankers resign from the European Central Bank.  The long-term Nazi International plan alluded to by J.P. Farrell of creating a Fourth Reich based on economic and not mlitary supremacy seems to be playing out well.  Take for example the following quote from a Marketwatch article reporting a Telegraph story in which Germany is demanding that Britain drop a referendum on how the EU is structured – it’s the third paragraph that should have any doubters as to Germany’s long-term goals on edge:

“The leaked memo, written by the German foreign office, discloses radical plans for an intrusive new European body that will be able to take over the economies of beleaguered euro-zone countries, The Telegraph said.”

And quietly sitting in the wings is the 800 pound gorilla called Russia, quite content to let Germany do the heavy lifting in breaking the Anglo-American (Red Shield) banking elite’s grip as it consolidates its energy interests on the European continent.

Are Germany and Russia beginning to march against modern financial Babylon, just as Media and Persia did millennia ago when they dried up the Euphrates and marched almost unopposed into ancient Babylon?  Let’s just wait and see how low international financial liquidity gets over the next two months before we completely declare this a fait accompli.

In the meantime, watch for the M(other) F(_ _ ker) Global story to re-emerge as a central player in the draining of international liquidity from the markets.  Just check out this report for how bad this story will get very soon. If the Americans think they out of the woods, they have another thing coming.

In closing, be prepared to see the Saturn Death Cult fight this to the bitter end.  Their actions are already transparently obvious in the form of the recent and unelected ‘technocrat’ governments foisted on those countries currently collapsing under the burden of their debts to the Saturn Death Cult’s central banks.  For any out there who doubt there is a co-ordinated plan by a hidden cabal of international bankers and that their tentacles are everywhere, check this out from a recent Mike Kreiger  report on who Greece’s and Italy’s new leaders really are.  I couldn’t put better:

“Just like the con (confidence) game Three Card Monte through which people have been swindled out of their hard earned money in alleyways and street corners all over the world for half a millennium, the previously sovereign nations of Greece and Italy have now officially been placed into the receivership of “technocratic governments” and are now in the final phase of their looting. It truly is sad to watch these proud nations whose histories form the very core of Western civilization be taken down one by one but what is even more nauseating is watching the corporate media pundits, Wall Street analysts and financial experts cheer the news because it is ostensibly “good for markets.” First of all, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the people that screw up the most get promoted and advanced in the Western world’s current political/economic structure. The primary reason for this is that there is a very serious agenda of TPTB and that consists on using crisis to consolidate power in a one-world government, headed by a global central bank that issues a global fiat currency. People have been saying this on the fringe for decades and have been called conspiracy theorists the whole time but if you look at how things are progressing today you’d have to be asleep to not notice that the guys in charge are completely and totally determined to bring this sick, twisted dream into place. That is why the agenda moves forward despite the repeated, desperate cries of the citizenry for them to stop.

“Let’s take a look at Mario Monti, the “soft” dictator that has been thrust upon the people of Italy by TPTB. He is a member of the Bilderberg Group, he is the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (a think tank founded by David Rockefeller in 1973, see quote at the top) and is international advisor to none other than Goldman Sachs. This guy was put into place by design. Anyone in Italy that thinks they achieved a victory in by ridding themselves of Berlusconi you better think again. You just got the biggest insider, crony financial terrorist around put in charge of your country without having a say in it. Even for someone like me that expects these things, I am amazed by how badly Italy was just screwed. Speaking of the unreported coup that just happened in Italy I will let my friend Jared Dillian of the Daily Dirtnap add his two cents. From his piece today:

“So I read recently that Italy wasn’t going to have elections because of “market crisis” or something like that, and I am the last guy who should be writing about this, since I know very little about political systems in any European country, for example, how can you just announce or not announce an election? Aren’t these things on a schedule? So already I don’t know what I am talking about. But I am worried about Greece and Italy that have chosen not to have elections to choose their leaders, I am actually quite concerned about that. You can’t use “market crisis” as an excuse to not hold elections. Even if elections take time and are messy and (most importantly) don’t produce the desired result, it is a part of gosh darn democracy, and if they are going to suspend elections for this, then they can suspend elections for anything. Like, say, pretend Mario Monti is a closet dictator and they just put a guy in there who is never going to hold another election again.”

‘Nough said.

(as this post went up, the European Central Bank had just embarked on yet another bond buying spree in an effort to shore things up – any positive effects should last a day at most)

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