Announcement: Upcoming Red Ice Radio interview and new explanatory Graphics

Hi all, I’ve been invited to appear on Red Ice Radio.  The interview is taking place on January 10 and will be posted later on their website.  In anticipation of some of the questions the show’s host Henrik might ask about concerning the Saturn polar configuration discussed on this website, I have put together six new explanatory graphics dealing with the possible physics behind a polar configuration and the way it would have influenced the physical expansion of the Earth’s volume and its periodic ice ages.

One of the areas I anticipate we will be discussing in this interview will be the physics supporting the idea of a planetary system displaying a polar configuration.  This is a tough one to answer, so I have created three graphics to illustrate some of my own ideas on how such a system could operate.  They reflect not only the influence of the Electric Universe Model of physics, but also a heavy influence by Viktor Schauberger and his vortex/implosion concepts.

Simply put, I see the vortex as the key to establishing a working model for a Saturnian polar configuration with Earth.  Scientists have long known that the current solar system actually describes a wide vortex when the sun’s upwardly direction through space is factored in, so I thinks its pertinent to follow this line of reasoning pertaining to a possible solution to a polar configuration model.  I claim no physics capabilities beyond that of a layman and so offer these ideas in graphic format purely for illustration and further discussion:


In the above three graphics I am exploring the application of Viktor Schauberger’s observations of floating rocks at the bottom of waterfalls where vortexes can form.  He attributed this phenomena to the shape of the rocks which were always an egg shape.  Other shapes did not levitate in the same way.

Schauberger also attributed the egg-like dimensions inherent in the common trout as the reason behind that fish’s almost effortless ability to sit stationary in fast flowing river currents.  Though not apparent to the naked eye, river currents are in fact vortexes governed by temperature differentials in the water.  At the centre of the vortex is a stable flow of water with a temperature reflecting water’s anomaly point of 4 degrees celsius.  It’s in this part of the vortex that a trout takes its flow of food while the rest of the vortex produces a counter-thrust against the current.  This is acheived due to the flow effects over the trout’s elongated egg-like body shape – it occurred to me that the Earth’s magnetosphere resembles a trout as much as it does an egg.


Like those in the Electric Universe camp, Schauberger had to contend with outright hostility from the establishement to his ideas about natural water flow dynamics.  He had always maintained that water contained a ‘lifeforce’, an evanescence that could be discerned from the way natural streams literally glowed on dark forested nights.  His battles with the dogmas of established fluid dynamics theories were very similar to that experienced by plasma cosmologists at the hands of modern astrophysicists.  Of course, readers of this website will know that the natural dynamics of electrical current and plasma are at the heart of what gives water its unique flow charateristics.

It’s my hope that Schauberger’s insights into the electrical nature of natural water flow will one day provide the impetus for breakthroughs in the more vexing issues surrounding the physics of Saturn Theory and its polar configuration.  They might provide the means for experimental demonstrations of these ideas.

Ice Ages

I am also anticipating talking about the nature and cause of the ice ages throughout the geological history of the Earth.  In my opinion the ice ages are linked to the concept of an expanding earth over long periods of geological time.  This provides a neat solution for the impossibly large dinosaurs and mammals that once roamed this planet.  A smaller Earth would have a lesser gravity thus making it easier for larger fauna to develop.

Below are two graphics explaining the links between an expanding earth, the ice ages, and the role played by an electrically-drven cosmology in creating such phenomenon. [NOTE: I have edited the ‘Expanding Electrical Earth’ graphic to include a much better note on the earth’s magnetic core and the causes of its magnetism.  A reader pointed out the confusing wording of the previous text, so this has now been changed as of Feb. 8, 2012]

For a quick revision of what I have formerly written about ice ages in the context of Saturnian cosmology, go here.

I will let you know as soon as Red Ice Radio post the interview.  Hope you can all get the chance to listen in.



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