New Books by Troy D. McLachlan!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been too long since I last posted an update, but I have been busy working on a number of fiction titles based on many of the ideas and issues discussed in Saturn Death Cult.

For those of you who have taken the time to wade through SDC’s more alarming themes and conclusions and found you wanted more, then you might be pleased to explore some of my speculative fiction which deals with issues such as ritual murder, elite trans-humanism and assorted skulduggery within our hidden elites. It’s all pure fiction, but I think readers of SDC will be able to read between the lines . . .

For those of you interested in the culture that connects intelligence agencies to mind control projects, tech-based trans-human evolution and international paedophile networks, I would recommend my novella Drosselmeyer, a post-modern anti-surrealist take on the spy genre . . .

If taking a look into a possible nightmarish future is more your thing, then my new graphic novel Salvage Zone 1 may be more your cup of tea – if you like comic-style surrealism and general sci-fi weirdness.

I’ve written a small article giving some of my ideas for taking this step into fiction which I’m re-posting here:

To Fiction or to Non-Fiction . . .

“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.” Franz Kafka

As an aspiring writer with a background in film and music production, my first effort in self-publishing was the ebook The Saturn Death Cult (2011), a heavily illustrated non-fiction work written in the ‘intuitive’ style and aimed at the alternative research market. It was in this book that I first introduced readers to the many seemingly bizarre themes later explored in my subsequent fictional and graphic novel works.

The radical and controversial cosmology found in Saturn Death Cult and its prequel Cosmos in Collision (2013) serves as a distant backdrop for many of the Kafkaesque ‘conspiracy’ elements touched upon in my spy novella Drosselmeyer and the futuristic graphic novel Salvage Zone 1. It isn’t necessary to read Saturn Death Cult to appreciate my fictional work, but it can help for those needing a reference point.

Drosselmeyer and Salvage Zone 1 mark the beginnings of what I call my ‘Inner City Cycle’; a growing collection of related fictional works set against the existence of an ancient evil called the Inner City; my fictional name for the infamous Mystery Babylon first introduced in Saturn Death Cult.

Writing a cycle of related fiction stories in differing genres will hopefully allow me to explore the Inner City Cycle’s central premise from a number of different angles. However, it’s probably fair to ask if doing this simply makes me another ‘conspiracy theory’ peddler with yet another conspiracy to sell?

For me, ‘conspiracy’ is just another word for ‘plot’―but I realise it is a heavily loaded word. With this in mind, I have found that people are, at the same time, fascinated by, and yet highly polarised by anything to do with conspiracies; they are wary of the ‘baggage’ that can surround plots based on a ‘conspiracy theory’―and they hate that annoying ‘preachy’ tone some fiction stories succumb to in their effort to sell a given conspiracy plot as plausible.

On the other hand, whether stories are centred around criminal conspiracies, political conspiracies, or even love conspiracies, I have also found that people enjoy reading them due to the inherent conflict associated with the very idea of ‘conspiracy’―and the more plausibly weird the conspiracy, the more juicy the conflict.

For me, the decision to extend myself into the fictional world comes from a belief that there is much more to a good ‘conspiracy theory’ tale than the basic plot behind the conspiracy itself. The sensationalism generated by a new and credible conspiracy can quickly give way to a sense of overfamiliarity when the conspiracy becomes the sole premise for the story. This ‘apathy’ can take place no matter how outlandish or astonishing the conspiracy itself may be!

In my opinion, the best way to appreciate a ‘conspiracy theory’ (true or fictional) is to grasp its environment―the atmosphere in which the conspiracy thrives―and this is best done through the eyes of those we see touched by conspiracy. Ideally, the conspiracy itself should be the music to which our story’s main characters dance―not the dance itself.

For this reason I have become interested in using fiction to explore the oppressive atmosphere that often surrounds the reality of ‘conspiracy’ in all its forms and sensationalist wonder. I believe readers are more interested in how different people react to a conspiracy rather than in the way they discover what the conspiracy actually is. This is why I have written books like Drosselmeyer and Salvage Zone 1: to further illustrate in much richer ways some of the more disturbing ideas first put forward in Saturn Death Cult.

It’s my hope you enjoy the fictional worlds brought to you by the Inner City Cycle of stories. More titles are on the way―Saturn Death Cult and Cosmos in Collision have opened up such a vast array of possibilities for new and darkly exciting stories that I feel the cycle could well be limitless . . .

. . . Maybe you too will be inspired to add your own vision as to what lurks within the Inner City Cycle?

Thanks for reading.

Troy D. McLachlan

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NEW BOOK OUT! “Cosmos in Collision”

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the long break in posts, but I have not been idle. I’m very proud to announce, along with my co-author Theodore A. Holden, the release on Kindle of “Cosmos in Collision“, a kind of prequel with answers to some of the cosmology introduced in Saturn Death Cult.  (go here for a recent radio interview with Red Ice Radio)

Take a journey into a darkened age before time began.

Contrary to the perceived wisdom of modern science, the ancients tell us Earth began life as a satellite of the planet Saturn long before the appearance of the Sun, moon and stars. This was Earth’s purple dawn of creation, a twilight dreamtime stretching back into an ageless past before the light of day entered the world. Here, amongst mankind’s oldest memories, is a long-lost era in which our ancient ancestors battled for survival in a semi-nocturnal world devoid of any ability to mark the passage of time.

Cosmos in Collision is a radical exploration into ancient mankind’s own version of our prehistory, a profoundly new take on the existence of life before a catastrophic collision of two primordial planetary systems came to shape the solar system as we know it today.

Rejecting the increasingly untenable explanations modern science promotes for the formation of our solar system, Cosmos in Collision correlates the witness of world mythology with a startlingly new hypothesis for human origins. It establishes a grand alternative vision for mankind’s place in the early history of our cosmos, asking essential question along the way, like:

  • Why do the ancients insist Saturn was our first and best sun?
  • Why does world mythology always place the planet Saturn and the abode of the gods at Earth’s celestial north where the Pole Star is today?
  • Why do ancient texts speak of an age of darkness existing long before a fabled Golden Age when Saturn ruled the heavens in splendid brilliance?
    . . . And, most intriguingly. . .
  • Why were humans seemingly so ill adapted for this primordial Age of Darkness, when the nocturnal flourished and survival of the fittest took on an entirely new and sinister meaning?

Cosmos in Collision answers these and other questions as to what life was like on a primeval Earth trapped for millennia beneath a volatile sub-brown dwarf star called Saturn. It then presents evidence for the existence of a former world, other than Earth, which may hold the key to mankind’s ultimate origins; a world close enough for humanity to study, explore and eventually colonize within a generation.

Packed with informative illustrations, Cosmos in Collision provides some of the most provocative and controversial solutions to mankind’s eternal desire to know from whence we came . . . and where we should be going.

For those who may have struggled with some of the implied physics suggested in Saturn Death Cult regarding Saturn’s primordial relationship with Earth, Part 1 in ‘Cosmos in Collision‘ offers two chapters detailing a comprehensive model for how Earth could have begun life under a sub-brown dwarf star where it maintained the axial alignment called a ‘polar configuration’.  These chapters are “Discovering the Antique Solar System” and “Mankind’s Purple Dawn“.  Readers of Saturn Death Cult who have puzzled over how the planet Saturn could have possibly sat at Earth’s celestial north will find some radically new solutions to this question in these two chapters.

Hope you get a chance to read “Cosmos in Collision”.


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New interviews out with Mark Ryan and Red Ice Radio

Hi all,

Been a bit of a break since my last post while I’ve changed countries.  I’m all settled in now and was able to have a couple of update chats with both Mark Ryan who I’ve been interviewed by before and Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio.

I discussed matters more to do with biblical precepts on money with Mark and had an excellent chat on some of my ongoing research into the role played by Christ in the financial panic of AD 33.  With Henrik I spoke more on the nature of the shadowy ‘Illuminated Ones’ I refer to throughout Saturn Death Cult.

Interview with Mark Ryan (parts 1 & 2 of 3) can be found here and here.

My Red Ice Radio interview with Henrik can be found here.

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Interview with Pateo Radio

Hi All,

I’ve recently linked up with the guys at Pateo Academia, an interesting collective of alternative thinkers put together by Johan Oldenkamp whose own theories and work regarding our universe are worth checking out.  I enjoyed an hour long chat with Johan on the basics behind the Saturn Death Cult thesis where we mostly discussed the cosmology of Saturn Theory and its relationship to the Electric Universe model.

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“Massive under-ice bloom” in Arctic Ocean points to original warming influence of Saturn

One of the more contentious claims made in Saturn Theory is that the Earth’s polar regions were originally ice-free due to the warming influence of a sub-brown dwarf star situated in Earth’s celestial north.  It’s hypothesised that this sub-brown dwarf star suffered a series of catastrophic electro-static encounters with the Sun and later migrated to the outer edges of our current solar system where it became the planet Saturn.  However, during Saturn’s previous reign in the celestial north, this star once bathed Earth in a warm energy that kept the Arctic region ice-free and perfectly habitable for an incredibly diverse array of semi-tropical plant life and mega-fauna such as mammoths and other large and now extinct herbivores.
Today, with the loss of Saturn as a warming influence, the catastrophic icing over of the Arctic regions hides the fact that the Arctic sea is one of the most organically ‘mucky’ oceans on the planet, a condition that would be expected had the Arctic once been a semi-tropical paradise and not always the desolate wasteland we see today.  Now scientists are discovering vast amounts of ocean-born algae in the one place they least expected it – you guessed it; the Arctic Ocean. . .

Continue reading

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New interview series with Mark Ryan

Soon after doing my Red Ice Radio interviews I was contacted by a listener called Mark J. Ryan with a request for a one-on-one discussion on some of the deeper issues discussed in Saturn Death  We ended up spending over seven very productive hours talking about the many different topics to do with Saturn worship and the death cult that has grown up around it.  The first part of that interview is now up on Mark’s new website Golden Jubilee Now and can also be accessed on YouTube here.

Mark has a gift for this type of interview style and it made things very easy for me to get my points and ideas across.  A well established personality in the NLP (Neuro-lingusitic programing) field in his own right, Mark has done such a good job in getting this mammoth session up.  I hope you all get the chance to listen in.

Troy McLachlan

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I was wrong – I did David Icke a disservice

In a recent interview I did on Red Ice Radio I implied (wrongly) that David Icke maintained a uniformitarian view regards the formation of the solar system.  I was wrong! Mr Icke is, in fact, well acquainted with Velikovskian and inter-planetary catastrophist concepts and has accepted and expounded  on the validity of this avenue of investigation.  So, Mr Icke, please accept my apologies for my ignorance. And also any needed apologies to Jay Weidner who was also mentioned by me in the interview in the same context.

I would like to take this opportunity to direct people to David Icke’s latest interview
at Red Ice Radio
which is, as ever, full of highly thought-provoking ideas.

Troy McLachlan

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Interview with Dia Nunez on the water connection with Saturn

Hi All, did a recent interview with Dia Nunez on the subject of the Saturnian origins of Earth’s water.  It’s a third part interview following up on two previous general discussions about the Saturn Death Cult.  In this third one we get to talk about some of Viktor Schauberger’s insights into the nature of water.  Hope you get a chance to listen.  The previous two interviews can be accessed on my Media Interviews page.

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Media Interviews section updated

Hi All, the Media Interviews Section has been updated with links to some of my recent interviews.  Also, I have an upcoming interview with Time Monk Radio on March 16.  Hope you get the chance to listen in.

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Interview on the H2O network with Dia Nunez

Hi everyone.  Had an excellent discussion with Dia Nunez from the H2O network.  We covered quite a lot to do with the Saturn Polar configuration and even got down to discussing the Saturn origins for much of Earth’s water.  Check it out here!

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