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My name is Troy McLachlan and I am solely responsible for the views and theories put forward on this website.  I speak for no other person and fully accept many will take exception to my interpretation of their own views and theories where they appear.

I define the ‘Saturn Death Cult’ as:

The accumulated historical legacies of those occult and criminal agendas and organisations that seek justification for their actions and existence based on a corrupted interpretation of Saturnian myth and lore.

There are many such agendas and organisations.

This website is, therefore, an alternative natural history of the planet Saturn as an explanation for the emergence of fearful rituals and agendas believed by many to be practised and promoted by occult elites the world over.  It makes an intuitive attempt to link warped mythology-inspired sex-murder blood rites to the rise of a financial system dedicated to promoting a form of debt-slavery as a means of maintaining said elites in their positions of power.

This website also provides possible scenarios for a better understanding of some of history’s and mythology’s more intriguing events and argues a cosmological explanation for those events.  It makes conclusions as to why we live in an increasingly violent and destructive world and how this is the manipulated agenda of various Saturnian-based elite belief systems and organisations.

The views expressed on this website are largely influenced by two separate streams of thinking.  One is the  relatively young science of plasma cosmology which provides an alternative electrical understanding of the physics of our universe.  The other is the notion of a historical occult influence on the physical, spiritual and financial development of mankind and mankind’s thinking.  All I hope to do is illustrate a connection between these two streams of thought.

Aware readers will have picked up that the cosmological take of this website is heavily influenced by the subject of ‘catastrophism’, the view that planetary  interactions took place within human memory and are largely responsible for shaping human history as a series of natural cataclysms.  However, no attempt is made to put forward a physics model to explain such assertions – this is not a science-based website and it is, quite simply, beyond my expertise.

However, due to the influence of ‘catastrophism’ in much of my work, a small note on its impact on my life should be made:

I first came across the concept of ‘catastrophism’ in the form of Immanuel Velikovsky while studying ancient history at the University of Auckland.  I read his book Worlds in Collision and the Ages in Chaos series and was told to promptly forget about them – I did.

After leaving university I developed a life-long interest in alternative history, especially on the subjects of occult conspiracy, Christian prophecy and ancient legends.  Due to the ongoing financial collapse taking place in the world over the last twenty years, I also developed an interest in understanding finance as a mode for criminal conspiracy.

Eventually I was brought back full circle to Velikovsky when I discovered the almost incredible evidence for the influence of Saturn as our original sun on the many different occult traditions I had studied through the years.  A natural explanation for much of history’s hidden events seemed to now present itself.

In my absence from ‘catastrophism’ it was obvious that much work had been done to improve on Velikovsky’s work. While it is true that much of Velikovsky’s theories have been vastly expanded on in the time since he published Worlds in Collision and the Ages in Chaos series, it must also be noted that, despite a stellar record in making successful predictions, many of his own catastrophist views have now been superseded by those who have taken up the challenges presented by his pioneering work.

Velikovsky was obviously an exceptional thinker and I believe his true lasting legacy was that he showed that a multi-disciplinary approach to important research is not only possible, but entirely correct.  This is the immense thanks that |I give to Velikovsky for whatever insights I may personally have on an alternative world history.

The non-advertising and original content of this website is for informational and entertainment purposes.

I do not and have not ever worked for any law enforcement or intelligence agency.  I am not and have never been a member of any occult organisation or secret society.  I have never personally experienced a paranormal or supernatural episode and have never witnessed first hand an unexplained event or viewed a UFO.  I have no inside contacts with any secretive or overt government agency – all my information is gathered from internet sources freely available to the public and from a vast number of published books and manuscripts; I do my own research.

Though a Christian with a very alternative (and private) view of Christian doctrine and history, I do not belong to any church or Christian sect.  I was baptised a Catholic, but fully renounce any connection to that organisation.

I reserve the right to change my mind on any and every subject presented on this website.  I reserve the right to be wrong!

I can be contacted at troy@saturndethcult.com.

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