Crimes of the Saturn Death Cult

There is no such thing as membership in the Saturn Death Cult – only participation.

The crimes of the Saturn Death Cult are the collective outrages of various occult organisations and individuals against the truths and freedom of mankind as a whole.  They have as their common denominator a twisted understanding of mankind’s past based on false interpretations of the mythological and esoteric records.

My definition of the Saturn Death Cult is as follows:

The accumulated historical legacies of those occult and criminal agendas and organisations that seek justification for their actions and existence based on a corrupted interpretation of Saturnian myth and lore.

This section seeks to highlight some of the more obvious contributions to the Saturn Death Cult legacy.  It includes explanations for the origins of corrupt finance systems and the trade in illicit drugs to discussions on the perverse acts of ritual child murderers and modern day ritual serial killers.  The role of the White Slave trade is discussed as are the implications of alleged government and military mind control projects and their relationship to suspected de-population agendas.

There is also the interesting subject of film director Stanley Kubrick and his possible knowledge of and attempts to expose elements of the Saturn Death Cult through the medium of his movies.

This part of the website is an ongoing project and will be added to as more articles on the Saturn Death Cult are written.

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