Ritual Child Murder – Part 1

Does this crap actually happen?

As I was putting the Saturn Death Cult website together in early June, 2011, news was filtering through of a raid by Nigerian authorities on an alleged ‘baby factory’, a place where teenage girls were allegedly being forced to have babies which were then sold off for trafficking and ‘other purposes’.

The chilling euphemism ‘other purposes’ ultimately alluded to the use of children for ritual slaughter in black magic rituals, an unfortunately common, yet still horrific practise in some parts of Africa.  It is not limited to Africa however, and as June of 2011 pressed on a flurry of other child trafficking stories came to light from various parts of the world.  Whether or not some of these children actually ended being abused and murdered in satanically inspired rituals is immaterial when considering one very disturbing fact:  Ritual murder does happen – and on a scale most of us would be shocked to find out.

Obviously there are no official or exhaustive statistics on how many children end up the victims of occult rituals.  In fact, the issue has been clouded by the public hysteria surrounding such infamous cases as the McMartin Pre-school case in California with even the infamous Marc Dutroux case out of Belgium meeting with international indifference.

Yet children do go missing.

There are credible estimates out there that as many as 700,000 children go missing each year in the United States alone.  That’s 700 thousand!  While most of these children are definitely not victims of ritual murder, or even prostitution rings, if we assume a .005% base as a possible indication of how many US children may end up the victims of prostitution, paedophile and occult ritual rings then the figure is still a stunning 3,500 children per year – that’s nine to ten children a day!

Halve that figure and you still get about five children disappearing into the clutches of paedophile and occult ritual gangs per day.  And this is just the United States.

This is inconceivable to most normal people.  The existence of gangs operating in the trafficking of children for occult ritual slaughter, snuff movies and outright sexual slavery are usually consigned to the dump of urban myth status, along with micro-waved poodles and ice-cream eating aliens.

Yet, in Nigeria we hear about verifiable ‘baby factories’.  One wonders, just who is providing the market for such an enterprise?  I can tell you it is not just African witch doctors that are in the market for young flesh.  One of the recognised centre’s for the trafficking of humans is none other than affluent and supposedly civilised Vancouver.

At about the same time as the Nigerian baby factory story emerged, I had the dubious privilege of watching a particularly vile Serbian movie entitled ‘A Serbian Movie’.  The repugnant story of a jaded ex-porn star being manipulated into making a snuff movie, the film had the distinction of introducing me to the almost indescribable concept of ‘newborn porn’.   A child is born live on camera, and then a man takes the baby and,… I think you get the picture.

A saying goes ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’, and the concept of newborn porn must surely have its genesis in actual events, if not the fantasies of certain twisted individuals.  Unfortunately, some of these certain twisted individuals have the financial backing to make their fantasies come true – it would seem.  At least this is what ‘A Serbian Movie’ was telling us.  But is it true?

Are children being murdered in the modern world for the sexual or ritualistic pleasure of well-paying people or groups of people?

The answer is:  Yes.

And there are enough hushed-up cases filtering out to the general public to feed a growing sense of unease that this issue is bigger and better organised than any of us would like to believe.

How far back does this go?

The bones of children to this day lie grouped together in one of the ancient world’s most famous cities.  Some authorities say this is just evidence of a graveyard for miscarried children, while others see it as evidence for child sacrifice.  The city in question is Carthage and its worship of the god Baal is said to have been the source for accusations by its enemy, the Romans, that Carthage engaged in murderous child sacrifice rituals.

While it was a bit rich for the Romans with their blood-soaked amphitheatres to be accusing the Carthaginians of murder most foul, no less a source than the Bible itself also makes reference to the practise of Israelite royalty engaging in child sacrifice to Baal (see 2nd Kings 16: 3).  The god Baal seems to have been particularly hungry for child flesh and the term cannibal has often been linked to the term ‘priest of Baal’, or ‘canna-Baal’.

Indeed, one wonders if the Baal cult still exists today in one form or another, especially when looking at readily available images from the notorious Bohemian Grove club depicting a fire-stoked bronze owl (common symbol for another ancient god called Moloch) and mock sacrificial victims being placed within its interior.  This pantomime that the Bohemian Grove stages each year is called ‘The Cremation of Care’ and it has seriously disturbing parallels to the rituals practised in the Ancient Near East, especially when one considers that some of the most powerful political elite are invited guests to the occasion.

Staying with the Americas, but from a much more distant past, archaeologists have reportedly found the remains of up to forty-two ritually sacrificed Aztec children in the Pyramid of Tenochtitlan.  The Inca and Mocha peoples also practised child and human sacrifice as part of their religious rituals.

Back to the Bible and we have the controversial story of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham being commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of faith.  Isaac is spared death when God provides an unlucky ram as a replacement for Isaac upon being satisfied with Abraham’s faith.  Some scholars have said that original texts had Abraham actually killing Isaac, though this does not explain how Isaac’s future sons Jacob and Esau would have come into being.

Despite all these Biblical references, the major allusion to child sacrifice in the ancient world is found in the mythology surrounding the god Kronos, or Saturn as he was called by the Romans.  Readers of Saturn Death Cult – Part 1 will be aware of the cannibalistic actions attributed to the god Saturn who is said to have devoured his own children in an attempt to avoid a prophecy being fulfilled that he would be murdered by their hands.  The inspiration Saturn provided for more earthly kings with delusions of divine power is obvious.  Much of the ritual child sacrifice of the ancient world can be laid at his mythological feet.

When Child Sacrifice is not Child Sacrifice

It is not always obvious to the casual observer when ritual child sacrifice has been committed down through the ages.  There have been myriads of child killers, but the actual link to a ritualistic aspect of their crimes has been largely downplayed by historians who seem to prefer more psychiatric explanations in accounting for this abhorrent behaviour.  Depravity of the individual is the popular interpretation and mirrors the 20th century’s obsession with the cult of the lone serial killer.

This was not the case in previous centuries when people were all too aware of the potential for children to become victims of ritual murder.  The snatching of children was common place during the Dark and Middle Ages giving rise to tales of werewolves and vampires stalking unwary victims in the night.  That the threat to children was from an all too human source was not entirely lost on the people of the time, though identifying how close to home that threat was problematic due to the social mores that tightly controlled status and privilege in the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately, the zeal for unmasking these killers of children was often exploited in promoting violence against certain ethnic groups and religious sects.  In particular, the Roma people (Gypsies) and Jewish communities of the Middle Ages were mercilessly subjected to what was called the ‘blood libel’ in which certain non-Christian religious practises were interpreted by ignorant people as evidence of a penchant for human sacrifice.  Jewish sensitivity to this issue is so profound even to this day that a discussion on the topic (both the truths and the lies) is too hot for continued study – so we won’t go there.  Suffice to say that there was enough evidence of actual child sacrifice taking place in the Middle Ages that people at the time willingly looked about for scapegoats.

What can be discussed are the actual historical cases, particularly the murderous exploits of the French child killer Gilles de Rais.  Portrayed as one of the most evil men in history, Gilles de Rais’ story is often overlooked when searching for evidence of the Saturn Death Cult at work.

Gilles de Rais was one of the most wealthy nobles of his age and he fully enjoyed the benefits of his privileged position to the point of squandering that wealth.  A companion-in-arms to the fabled Joan of Arc, de Rais was very, very elite.  A favourite pastime was sitting naked in the spilled entrails of a still living child while contemplating life’s foibles – according to the charges brought against him by the Church during his trial.

While Gilles de Rais was himself a victim of the political climate of the time, the charges against him ring true.  They tell of a latter life devoted to the black arts that required the murder and burning of children in order to reclaim his squandered fortune. The number of victims has been speculated to have been in the hundreds.  But de Rais was no lone serial killer.  It seems he operated with a group of fellow elitists who shared his desires to commit bloody ritual.

But it seems there was more to it than just a desire to commit bloody ritual.

Chief amongst de Rais’ accomplices was the mysterious Francesco Prelati who supposedly introduced him to a demon called ‘Baron’ who could help restore the French man’s lost wealth.  And here is where de Rais story becomes interesting from a Saturnian perspective.  For it was this Prelati character who supposedly convinced the bankrupt noble that he could regain his fortune through the sacrifice of children to this demon.

Many children.

It has to be wondered what was in it for Prelati, but he is lost to history and so we will never know his true background or what his vested interest in de Rais ws.  What we can assume though, is that money played an important role and de Rais’ financial troubles made him a perfect target for those looking to manipulate one of such high noble standing.

Curiously, an Internet search on Prelati only comes up with a fictional biography relating to his part as a character in the famous novel Bluebeard and as a background character in a vampire-based role-playing game.  Here it is said he was a Florentine sorcerer and alchemist.  There may be more insight to this than both these fictional sources realise.  It points to a possible reason why the Italian came into contact with the financially struggling French noble – Florence was a recognised centre of banking and commerce and, as we know, high finance is a highly dubious part of the alchemical tradition practised by participants in the Saturn Death Cult.

So, was Prelati a financier working the old Babylonian debt scam on a desperate French noble with high connections?  It’s possible.

While historians have debated to what extent the role of the black arts may have played in de Rais’ murder spree, one thing is clear; de Rais was not acting alone, and that strongly suggests an organised element to the murders his social circle committed.  It also suggests that the purpose of the murders was fulfil a two part strategy consistent with the control objectives of the Saturn Death Cult; blood lust is sated, and blackmail collateral is collected.

So, it is highly possible that, while de Rais was merely the leading party in a psychotic gang of elitist child killers intent on validating personal god complexes, he was also a duped pawn in the high-stakes games being played by international merchant bankers.  The snatching of children was common enough during de Rais’ era to suggest many such groups operated throughout Europe.  What is important to consider though is the age old question: Cui bono?  To whose benefit was the disappearance and sacrifice of children during the terrible reign of Gilles de Rais and others like him?

End of Part 1

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