Some of the Names and Terms used on this website in describing the institutions, dealings and actions of the Saturn Death Cult

Bluebloods – Generic term for those claiming divine right to rule.  Origins stem from the emergence of Priest-Kings in the Age of Silver and Warrior-Kings in the Age of Bronze.  Consolidated power through inter-linking marriages amongst themselves and are synonymous with today’s royal, noble and selected industrial dynasties.

Babel, Tower of – Symbolic origin of the current debt-based and gold-backed financial system.  Babel is associated with Babylon as a biblical symbol for the issue of debt-based money.

Babylon – Ancient Mesopotamian city-state that became synonymous in the bible with a man-made economic system in oppostion to the biblical economic system.  The city most associated with gold-backed money systems.  (see Mystery Babylon)

Beast – A country or nation of people with specific traits or system of government.  The type of beast can signify traits unique to that country; the beast does not necessarily need to be representative of a natural animal but can take on chimera-like qualities to fulfill a description.  For example:  A beast with legs of iron and teeth of iron = Rome

Bronze Age of Man – Period in human history directly after the collapse of the Silver Age of Man.  Typified by a change of emphasis to the actions of men instead of the actions of God, or the gods.

Debt-based Money – Also known as ‘debt-slavery system’ and ‘debt-based slavery’. The key financial mechanism for control over any given society by a hidden elite. (see Merchant Bankers)

Doomsday – The event that brought about the end of the fabled Golden Age of Man.

GODS (or G.O.D.S.)  – Acronym for Guns, Oil, Drugs and (Sex)Slavery.   The nominal sectors of the combined industrial efforts of a hidden world elite agenda.

Golden Age of Man – Fabled period of human history after the end of the Purple Dawn in which mankind wanted for nothing and the Earth gave of its bounty freely.  The planet Saturn established as Earth’s original sun at a static position in the celestial north of Earth’s skies.

Golden Image on the Plains of Dura – Symbolic analaogy of the first financial system using a gold standard.   Origins are in Babylon (see above) and referenced in the 3rd chapter of the Book of Daniel.

Illuminated Ones – Self-appointed custodians of hidden secrets that serve as the occult basis for a range of twisted rituals based on distorted interpretations of Saturnian mythology and Jovian theology.  The main architects in pursuing the objectives of Mystery Babylon and the ultimate re-establishment of a new Saturnian Golden Age.  Operate mainly via Mystery Schools and Secret Societies.

Iron Age of Man – Modern epoch of human history following the Bronze Age of Man and which started roughly with the rise of Rome.  Typified by its inhuman and machine-like approach to human existence.

Melchizedek, Order of – A Silver Age priesthood referenced first in the Bible in Genesis chapter 14.   Most closely associated with Judaism and Christianity, it claims its heritage to the biblical character Adam and on through his descendants down to the New Testament figure known as Jesus Christ (see Book of Hebrews).

Merchant Bankers – A class of money dealers dedicated to self profit via control over the issue of debt-based money.  Provide the financial mechanics and technology for the GODS industry to operate.  Referred today as banksters, they represent the tangible face of Mystery Babylon’s minions in operation.

Mystery Babylon – The continuing and hidden influence down through the centuries from the failed Babylonian gold-backed money experiment that took place at Dura.  Tracing its spiritual roots back to the Tower of Babel financial system, it is the financial wing of those called the Illuminated Ones.  It operates as a hidden de-centralised kingdom of merchant bankers and has served as the driving force behind the development of the modern world financial debt-slavery system.

Mystery Schools – Collective groups of people sharing a paradigm of thought that is learned via initiation into set values expressed by participation in ritualistic symbolism.

Nicolaitans – Early administrators of the Christian paradigm who sought to organise its teaching and dissemination on a professional level.  They are referenced in the letter to the Church at Ephesus recorded in the 2nd chapter of Revelations

Polar configuration – The controversial north-to-south alignment of the planets Saturn, Venus, Mars and Earth up to the end of the Golden Age.

Priesthoods – Various organisations that attempted to codify and record the events which brought about the end of the Golden Age.  Started off with good intentions, but became corrupted over time.

Priest-Kings – Individual authority figures that emerged from the priesthoods.  Often the head of a religion or a temple.  First people to use debt-based money systems to establish private control over society.  Closely associated with the rise of the nobility.

Purple Dawn – Unspecified period of Earth history preceding the Golden Age.  No sun, but Saturn a dark primordial star situated at Earth’s celestial north before its nova-like flaring at the start of the Golden Age.

Red Shield – The hard core operators and highest rank of blueblood Illuminated Ones serving the objectives of Mystery Babylon in modern times.  Organised and maintained mainly by family affiliation.

Saturnian – All mythological, esoteric and historical concepts and matters relating to the planet Saturn and its representation as the mythical gods Saturn, Kronos, etc.  NOT to be confused with the poetic construct.

Secret Societies – Societal memberships functioning at a deeper layer within existing Mystery Schools.  These do not necessarily share the same paradigm of thought represented by their host Mystery Schools, but often claim a deeper, more occult understanding of those paradigms.  Ritual an integral and functional component of their paradigm.

Silver Age of Man – Period of human history following the Golden Age of Man.  Time of priestly endeavour and attempts to codify lessons learned from the collapse of the Golden Age.  The beginnings of the first mythological records describing inter-planetary events during and after the Golden Age.

Sodom and Gomorrah – Drug dealing centre of the Old Testament world.  Destroyed by inter-planetary event seen as God’s, or the gods’, retribution for its debased moral behaviour.

Temple – Centre of government in the ancient world.  The origins of modern banking are traced to the role played by the temple in ancient times.

Trojan narco-conflict – Conflict between the Agamemnon and Troy drug cartels of the Bronze Age of Man.

Warrior-kings – Powerful individuals able to stamp their authority over any given society from the end of the Silver Age and right on through to modern times.  Warlike by nature, these individuals often end up under the control of hidden Illuminated Ones and Priest-Kings.  Royalty and the nobility are the modern manifestations of the warrior-king legacy.

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