Other Books by Author Troy D. McLachlan

Troy D. McLachlan Books.com showcases both fiction and non-fiction titles by Troy D. McLachlan and available on Amazon.

Most of the titles found on this site explore themes discussed in McLachlan’s first publication, the speculative non-fiction work The Saturn Death Cult.

McLachlan’s work covers unconventional topics that are considered controversial and even heretical in mainstream circles.

McLachlan’s writing style varies according to each title’s requirements, from ‘speculative/alternative research & theory’ for his non-fiction to ‘anti-surrealism’ and ‘anti-post modernism’ in his fictional works.

McLachlan’s current project is the expansion of his sci-fi/surreal ‘Inner City Cycle’, an on-going series of novellas and graphic novels linked by a post-apocalyptic vision of the world’s future. Already two main titles have been released as part of the Inner City Cycle, the spy novella Drosselmeyer, and the pilot sci-fi graphic novel Salvage Zone 1. A novelette-length prequel to Drosselmeyer―Gig-set: Soundcheck & 4-Track Divas―is also currently available.