A Worldwide Earthquake and a Harlot’s Fall

The wholesale destruction of the existing New World cultures found by the European settlers failed to hide images of a pre-European American civilisation.  Now rotting away in the fetid jungles and high mountain passes of Central and South America, the savage Saturnian imagery of human sacrifice is plain to see – and it points to a disturbing origin shared by all.

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As the infamous conquistadors crawled over the shattered ruins of the Aztec and Inca empires looking for every speck of gold they could lay their hands on they barely noticed the wealth of hidden history staring back at them in the form of Mayan and Aztec hieroglyphics and artworks.  They took comfort from their Nicolaitan monks that what they were plundering was all just pagan rubbish of the lowest and most barbaric order.

However, along for the ride were the usual cabal of hidden Illuminated Ones who had a sneaking suspicion they had been here before.  They took careful notes and observations and interviewed some of the surviving native nobility as to what had been going on in the Americas before the savage invasions of Cortez and Pizzaro.  The stories they collected revealed a dominant theme that spread the length of the two continents and confirmed their suspicions:  The ancient peoples of the Americas had been practising the same Saturnian-type blood rituals whose origins dated all the way back to the Silver Age and possibly beyond.

But what did it mean?

Reports were sent back to the various Old World secret societies and, after an orgy of ritualistic investigations, their highest adepts found themselves plunging headlong into a journey of renewed Illuminated knowledge.  What they had, in the form of clearly identifiable New World ritual practises, was evidence of a world wide Saturn-based religion that pre-dated the Nicolaitan creed of Jovian-inspired worship.

In a world where generations of Illuminated Ones had blended the key ritual aspects of Saturn and Jupiter worship while successfully imprinting its influence onto the corrupted Nicolaitan creed of Christianity, it dawned on the current crop of Illuminated Ones that they had the perfect solution to undermining the authority of the Church once and for all.  With the evidence of pre-Christian Saturnian worship in the New World, the secret societies could now initiate chosen elites into an undeniable half-truth:  The secret origins of Christianity were to be found in the higher truths of a more ancient and more widely accepted worship of Saturn.  i.e. Saturn had seniority over Jesus.

Flush with a renewed vigour of purpose, a new harvest of blueblood recruits were quickly initiated into the new secrets of the secret societies.  Those who came to know the truth of Christianity’s dubious Saturnian origins easily recognised the impact it had on the already deteriorating authority of the Church and its implications on who would hold the reigns of power in the modern age.

But bluebloods were proving an intellectually dull lot, largely due to their incessant practise of inter-marriage within their own select bloodlines.  They liked the idea of a less powerful Church meddling in their affairs, but had unfortunately become comfortable with achieving objectives by applying the principle of ‘it pleases me for it to be so’.  This was hardly the approach the Illuminated Ones had in mind when it came to successfully challenging the Church on an intellectual level with an alternative claim to authority.  Being dependant on forwarding their objectives through society’s privileged classes, Mystery Babylon’s more clued-up adepts realised that the predominance of  inbreed bluebloods and nobility within their ranks represented a crisis of leadership.

After careful consideration and a subsequent upsurge in child disappearances, it was reluctantly determined by the Illuminated Ones that the long-term objectives of Mystery Babylon could only be realised by new blood being brought into the equation. It was deemed necessary to tap the raw intellectual resources latent in the former masses of human chattel that they had so coldly preyed upon before.  Only in this way could they finally break away from the clutches of Church control and forge a new vision for a post-Christian world.

However, due to education being the centuries-old prerogative of the Church and the blueblood classes, the greater masses of Europe’s population enjoyed only rudimentary intellectual skills in the art of thinking.  Though some had developed a self-awareness independent of the Church, such people were often barbecued for their troubles and the masses took the hint of sticking to only looking at the pictures.

Undeterred, an effort was made by the Illuminated Ones through Mystery Babylon’s moneyed classes to stimulate educational pursuits amongst the more promising elements of humanity.  They put a special emphasis on the sciences, legal and financial professions.  However, the subsequent emergence of educated luminaries such as Galileo, Kant and Isaac Newton would prove a double-edged sword in the march towards a reborn world dominated by an Illuminated world religion and sustained by Mystery Babylon’s debt-slavery financial system.

The two distinct successes to emerge from this policy, in Illuminated terms, were the collected economic thoughts of a hard-bitten Scottish business mind in the form of one Adam Smith and the philosophical wiles of a cleverly argumentative fellow by the name of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  While Adam Smith’s magnum opus The Wealth of Nations outlined a rational for an increase in global commerce as a good thing, Hegel concentrated on developing a philosophical technique termed Hegelian dialectic.   Hegel’s dialectic could be used by Illuminated Ones to identify and then bring together two radically opposing points of view and then use the ensuing conflict to manipulate both parties into a compromise beneficial to their illuminated aims and objectives.  Soooo,… start a fight between two people, but make sure you collect the prize money.   That about sums it up!

In fact, it didn’t take long for the Illuminated Ones to realise that Hegel’s philosophy was a page taken right out of their old modus operandi in organising war after war as a means of furthering their blood-soaked agendas, including the drive for the control of global trade and commerce.   As a philosophy, it was really just a very clever way of disguising a technique for outright political and social manipulation as a respectable topic for polite company.

The Hegelian dialectical process began to be used as a powerful tool for creating the desired social and political changes needed to facilitate Mystery Babylon’s long term plans.  A decidedly simple formula was put into operation in which all that the Illuminated Ones had to do was organise and finance one extreme viewpoint (the thesis) only to then secretly fund and present its counter point of view (the antithesis).  The resulting conflict served to then herd the greater majority of the bewildered masses into accepting a prefabricated conflict-resolution solution (the synthesis).  This synthesis would, of course, be consistent with the objectives of the Illuminated Ones.

In the period leading up to the modern era, both Adam Smith’s and Hegel’s ideals were to lay the foundations for the financial and philosophical development of the two defining concepts that were to embody the modern mass industrialised age – the faceless Corporation and the all-encompassing Nation State.

For those who could set up a corporation, it was a wonderful way to accumulate personal wealth without the burden of taking personal responsibility.  In the meantime, the nation state concept forcibly corralled people into a false sense of owning a claim on a specific region’s resources without ever actually having personal ownership or free access to those resources.  Those ownership rights still belonged to the former feudal blueblood masters, but they let you wave around a multi-coloured piece of cloth on special occasions to show you were now officially part of the team.  Either way, both concepts proved a masterful means of transferring whatever wealth the many had into the hands of the few, with all the real work being done by the many.

Not to be completely outdone, the Nicolaitans managed to make their own philosophical contribution to shaping the modern age in the dangerously eugenic-friendly beliefs of one Thomas Malthus, an Anglican clergyman who had way too much time on his hands.  Convinced that modern progress would inevitably be stymied by producing too many mouths to feed, Illuminated Ones thoughtfully filed Malthus’ theory under their ‘future plans for useless eaters’ category and quietly stashed it’s implications away for a rainy day.

The first effects of both Adam Smith’s and Hegel’s concepts were to manifest themselves in a stupendous socio-political earthquake at the end of the 18th century that would see the Church ruthlessly knocked from its position of power and the globe cleaved into three distinct spheres of control – Old World, New World and Third World.

Driving the move into this embryonic new world order would be the emergence of a new family of pseudo-royals destined to become the financial lords of a powerfully resurgent Mystery Babylon.  As the world focused its eyes on a carefully constructed carousel of would-be world emperors and warrior-king conquerors, it would almost completely miss the signature moves of the most important claimant to effective worldwide domination – the rise of The Red Shield.

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