Endgame: De-population

The frightening agenda of de-population can be seen as the ultimate Saturn Death Cult rite of passage.  It is a warped attempt to force the world into a New Golden Age complete with a technological version of the All-seeing Eye.

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While the Nazis are an important aside in the Saturnian equation, the more important developments in the later half of the 20th century can be traced to documented statements by some elites calling for the elimination of huge portions of the planet’s human population.

A notorious monument called the Georgia Guidestones was mysteriously erected in the United States and it goes so far as to articulate a target number for a successful planet-friendly culling.  That number quickly became the standard reference within conspiracy circles as to the enormity of what was being proposed here.  With a world population approaching a staggering seven billion people, the Georgia Guidestones are, to this day, silently calling for a return to a global population of no more than 500 million people!

But what has most observers truly alarmed is the accelerated timeline for achieving this target.  Speculations within certain elites have called for a return to a worldwide population of 500 million within the next fifty to one hundred years.  By anyone’s estimate, that would require a lot of dead people in a relatively short period of time to achieve such a dubious target.

The Nazi interest in all this can largely be determined by their actions, of which the Holocaust can be seen as a proto-type for this agenda.  However, the most important component in the realisation of such a target was the formation of a secretive cabal of elitists incorporating both former Nazis and the Red Shield-dominated Anglo-American banking elite.  The Bilderbergers, as they were to become known, were tasked with creating the mechanisms responsible for shepherding the planet towards what they condescendingly considered to be a better world – for them.

Underpinning these objectives were the writings of Thomas Malthus, a character we’ve met before, and who was responsible for providing a theoretical justification for forcibly maintaining a reduced world population.  Malthusian economics, as his theory has come to be called, states that unbridled population growth is a direct threat to the planet’s capacity to feed that population.  For the Illuminated Ones and those operating under the Red Shield, such a theory was evidence that population growth really represented a direct threat to their continued control over the planet’s resources.  Too much work had gone into gaining that control and the breathtakingly simple conclusion was obvious; a great culling had to take place before things got totally out of control.

But the Illuminated Ones had a two-fold dilemma.  While they harboured no qualms in the wholesale slaughter of vast human populations, they were aware of the necessity for the continued existence of a viable majority of humans on which their parasitic systems could fed off.  It was reasoned that a sudden and violent reduction in host population would expose them to the wrath of the surviving population should they figure out who was behind the massacre.

Then there was the arguably more important element of finding a metaphysical justification to endorse a slaughter of these proportions.  In all their blood-soaked history, the Illuminated Ones had never undertaken a blood-ritual on such a scale.  It presented both a massive opportunity and a conundrum because, for it to work, it had to mean something.  And that something had to be the right something!

In delving back into their esoteric and occult traditions, the Illuminated Ones came to the conclusion that the whole of human history since the destruction of the first Golden Age was, in fact, one giant initiation process.  It was as if all history and all ritual was converging on this one final act of mass sacrifice as a gateway into a prophesised ‘New Saturnian Golden Age’.

In accordance with these entrenched beliefs, the proposed mass culling of mankind had to be conducted as the ultimate blood-sacrifice ritual if the right ‘vibe’ for a new golden age was to be realised.  Only then could the remaining vestiges of mankind, with the Illuminated Ones at their head, enter into this new Golden Age in which the world would be restored to the glories it had enjoyed under the first Saturnian Golden Age.

For many reading this, the logic outlined here appears almost unfathomable and provokes the question of why the concerted efforts of the various elites aimed at total control of all human material endeavour should reach its climax in the deliberate killing of most of humanity and the subsequent loss of all that material gain?

They forget the ritualistic foundations underpinning the elite’s agenda while remaining fundamentally ignorant as to its antiquity.

The recognition of the Saturnian origins of occult ritual is the key to resolving a serious disconnect that exists amongst some non-elite observers trying to identify a rational for this supposed de-population agenda.  This disconnect is often expressed as:  Why the slow grind to annihilation?  Why don’t they just get it all over with?  After all they have the power to do so?

The vengefulness of the surviving masses and a subsequent loss of control over the resources of a post-depopulated world is one answer to this question.  The other is the highly dubious justification of mass murder as a rite of passage into a new and supposedly better world.

There is a curious symmetry to how the Illuminated Ones view all this.  In the same way that a cosmic Doomsday heralded the end of the ancient Golden Age, so it has been reasoned that a modern doomsday event will serve as the catalyst for re-entry into a long-awaited new golden age.  The irony, though, is that while the ancients passed on their fears for a renewed round of cosmic disasters, their fears would be ritualistically undermined and eventually manifested into the very real possibility of a man-made doomsday every bit as destructive as when Saturn fell from its position at the earth’s celestial north.

This brings us now to the distinct possibility for the existence of what researcher Richard Dolan terms a Break Away Civilisation.

A break away civilisation postulates that secret advances in space-travel technologies have allowed a hidden elite to entertain the possibility of abandoning this planet for outer space while leaving those that remain to an uncertain fate.  To achieve this, it’s said that the vast proportion of human economic endeavour has been criminally diverted into this undertaking for the benefit of this elite minority.

Further, the rational behind the need to leave the planet is speculated as being a foreknowledge of a coming cosmic catastrophe that threatens to wipe out life as we know it on Earth (shades of the Golden Age’s doomsday event).  Other variants on this rational for a motive combine Malthusian concepts with the threat of global catastrophe in that humans are effectively destroying their own planet.

However, a break away civilisation doesn’t quite explain the persistent rumours of an elite agenda to artificially cleanse the earth of ‘useless eaters’.   On the other hand this ‘get outta Dodge’ mentality does dovetail nicely with fears the Illuminated Ones may have of being hunted down by vengeful survivors in the wake of a planned mass culling of humanity.  Using this advanced space programme, they could hide out in orbit or somewhere out by Saturn for a couple of generations until amnesia eventually overtakes the collective memories of their earthly victims.   Then they could return as gods (arriving from Saturn?) and start the whole history-as-ritual process off again as part of their new Golden Age – or so the theory goes.

What is evident is that there is definitely a hidden space programme being unwittingly paid for by the masses while only benefiting those deemed blessed with a need to know.  Nazi rocket scientists have been involved and various mystery schools and secret societies also have vested interests in its development.  However, whether or not there is an extra-terrestrial element to this equation is a topic too vast in scope to begin discussing here.  Suffice to say that the mere existence of a secret space programme is yet more evidence that there exists hidden agendas of which the vast majority of us are purposefully kept in ignorance.

The GODS industry funded by the merchant bankers continues to grind on, even in the face of yet another global economic catastrophe caused by their parasitical debt-based money system.  It remains to be seen whether or not Mystery Babylon and its Red Shield will maintain its grasp on a dying global economic system as it continues to suck its blood dry.  A Melchizedekian prophecy says Mystery Babylon will eventually fall in ‘one hour’.  That remains to be seen.

As the end of the Age of Iron seemingly approaches, there are no end to claims that mankind as a whole stands on the precipice of either global destruction or a rich spiritual re-awakening.  Either way, you can rest assured that, in this age obsessed with celebrity and self-gratification, those who continue to inflict Saturnian sex-blood-magic rituals on our women and children will have something to say about which direction we eventually take.

As the Chinese curse says:  ‘May you live in interesting times’.

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