(continued from Endgame: De-population)

In the proceeding pages, I have tried to demonstrate an intuitive account of cosmic myth as history, and history as ritual.  There has been no attempt to provide a vigorous academically or scientifically-sound thesis.  The intuitive nature of this report relies only on the collective influences and experiences that I have gathered together while observing an alienated world around me.  Think of it as me spouting off my views between pints at the pub – I am bound to be somewhat light in details, but it makes for a bloody good story.

However, it should be pointed out that in attempting to illustrate this link between the cosmic events of the distant past and the bloody ritualistic-driven agendas of the following ages, I have deliberately chosen not to encumber the narrative with other highly significant historical and occult influences.

Using my own nomenclature, these are as follows:

• A long-term legal conflict over a case of mistaken identity between elements in the Melchizedekian priesthood that has resulted in the emergence of the powerful Zionista and Fundamentalist agendas.

• The Yakuza/Triad conflicts of the far-east and its implications for an alternative and distinctly Asian interpretation of cosmic mythology.

• The reported UFO/Alien agenda and its connections to the activities of various elites, as well as the its role in the disappearances of people throughout the world.

• The promotion of collectivist principals by the Rhodeans and their role within the Red Shield agenda.

• The suppression by the elites of free-energy technologies as pioneered by the likes of Nicolai Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and other alternative technologists.

• The feminine influences of various ethnic pagan traditions outside of the Saturnian sphere of influence.

• A detailed account of government funded mind control programmes and their links to satanic paedophile networks and serial killers.

• The corruption and poisoning of food production through genetically manipulated crops and the rise of the pharmaceutical state.

• Genetic manipulation of the human species.

• The Christian ‘Devil’ industry, its persecution of naturalist thinkers and its hidden Iranian roots in Manichaeism’s dualistic concepts of good versus evil.

All the above are topics for separate discussions and websites (and there are many more, I’m sure).  I am, however, fully aware that I have not even begun to touch on the myriad of complimentary subjects available for such discussions.  Now two thirds of the way through my life as at the time of posting this material, I look forward to exploring whatever else may be out there in the conspiratorial soup called human experience.


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