Guns, Oil, Drugs and Sex

Mystery Babylon had consolidated its hold on world finances and international trade by the end of the 19th century.  The modern military industrial complex was born, and with it came an intensification of an age-old scourge – white slavery.

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The role played by merchant bankers in the now incessant wars that plagued the world in the age of nation state empires is, by now, a well understood facet of Mystery Babylon’s operations.  The origins of the modern military industrial complex of nation states can be directly traced to the famous maxim of renowned military strategist Von Clausewitz that. . . “War is a mere continuation of politics by other means”.  Gun running was a way of ensuring the ‘extension of politics by other means’ was a certainty.

But it was the sudden thirst for energy in a rapidly industrializing world that saw the Red Shield and its cohorts consolidate their grip on the destiny of the western world in the 19th century.  The wood and coal burning days of the early Industrial Revolution gave way to a new source of energy that promised a massive increase energy output per unit that could not be matched by any other known fuel of the time.  Best of all, this new energy source was locked away in the ground where only those with financial backing could tap it.  We are, of course, talking about Oil, the black gold that would fuel Mystery Babylon’s quest for monopoly over the world’s energy needs.

One of the key tracts of land harbouring this precious substance was the United States of America.  Sensing an opportunity, the Red Shield invested its resources into the operations of a select group of merchant bankers in order to expand their influence into the new oil sector.  The age of the Robber Barons descended on an unsuspecting American populace with key individuals in the oil industry positioned to become some of the wealthiest individuals the world had ever seen.  An era fondly remembered by Illuminated Ones as the Gilded Age, men such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie would amass personal fortunes never to be seen again in modern times.

With the military expansion of nation states providing a ready supply of stolen drillable land for the Red Shield’s oil associates, the traditional blueblood elites of the Old World started feeling a bit left out.  In particular, the royal classes of bluebloods were becoming cash-strapped in the wake of the rise of the Red Shield and soon they turned their attentions back to an old cash cow that had proved such a reliable source of income for Illuminated Ones in the past:  Opium.

The flagrantly criminal commercial enterprises known as the Opium Wars were nothing more than royal sanctioned drug dealing on a corporate scale that would not be matched until the CIA gave its backing to Columbian cocaine cartels in the later 20th century.  The shocking disregard for the health of the Chinese people by representatives of the British East India Company should serve as a constant reminder as to the moral foundations of the modern Corporate entity.  The desire to maximize profit at the cost of human lives emphasizes the pathological nature of those promoting a globalised world trade system as the highest expression of human activity.

The Old World bluebloods were ecstatic.  Their financial fortunes restored, they were now content to play the landed elite where they could maintain their occult rituals from behind closed castle walls and await the dawning of a promised new Saturnian Golden Age in which they were assured a place of honour.  For the Red Shield, the ongoing financial contributions of the international trade in drugs served to add lubrication to the channels through which their debt-based money would flow into the economy in general.

With guns, oil and drugs now a prominent feature of the Mystery Babylon business model we can turn to the role played by the trade in slaves in preserving that hidden kingdom of merchant’s control over its expanding influence.

The use of slaves as an energy source had largely been made redundant by the advances in oil driven machines that could do the work of a thousand such slaves.  Under the guise of freeing slaves from the iron shackles chaining them to the miseries of the plantations, the millions of America’s African slaves were released and introduced to life under debt-based money.  In time they would realize they had swapped one form of slavery for another while in no way truly escaping the stigma of the plantation in polite society.

But slavery had been a worldwide scourge for centuries and its trade was well established in the Middle East and other parts of Asia and Africa.  On the Southern continent of the Americas the plantation model of slavery persisted in various forms to the present day.  It was in the context of the activities of secret societies and mystery schools though, that Mystery Babylon’s continued interest in maintaining a slave trade was sustained.

As the Red Shield’s business interests expanded, it was accepted that an increasing amount of professional ‘managers’ had to be employed to run the day-to-day operations of a now global system of commerce.  The advantage in procuring such minions was that the inner circle of the Red Shield could continue to operate in relative obscurity as far as the general public was concerned.  Where the slave trade came in handy was in its use as a blackmailing agent to control the minion class and ensure the job was being done to Red Shield specifications.  What became known as White Slavery allowed the Illuminated Ones of the Red Shield’s inner circle to capitalize on the sexual deprivations of their minions as an entrapment should they ever think about breaking ranks.

The entrapment technique employed by Mystery Babylon on its minion classes took the form of a subtly different mode of blood ritual utilizing the predominantly Christian heritages of its participants.  The upsurge in Satanic or Luciferian-based ritual activity during the later part of the 19th century was a carefully calculated minion-specific variant on existing Saturnian sex-blood rituals.  Its symbols were markedly different, but its murderous activities paralleled those of the Illuminated Ones.  Luciferian and Satanic rites promoted a powerful sexual incentive for those invited to join and this was feed by a steady supply of expendable women and children gathered from the less fortunate sectors of society.

While Satanism and Luciferianism effectively shielded the minions away from the true meaning of the Saturnian sex-blood rituals practiced by their hidden masters, it did come to play another important role in the designs of the Illuminated Ones intent on bending the world to its version of an elite-controlled world state.  By the mid-to-late 20th century the frightening appearance of a social predator called the Serial Killer served the classic Hegelian dialectic purpose of herding a scared population into accepting ever more controls over their lives in the name of security.  Where this rash of serial killers sprang from is pinpointed by the superb analysis of Dave McGowan in his book Programed to Kill.   But that is another story for another time.

Back in the waning years of the 19th century, a distinctly hidden and frighteningly real world of occult abuse now existed behind the facades of every day life as experienced by the greater majority.  The plunge into the most murderous century in human history was now a fait accompli.

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