The Nazi Conundrum

The Nazi conundrum is the bitch of Hegelian dialectic in action, a classic case of unintended consequences.  Even the elite have the occasional headache, and this one was,… no, IS a world-splitting migrain!

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Contrary to popular belief, the New World Order is not a new concept at all.  As shown in previous posts, it is merely the latest catch-phrase for a concerted effort on the part of Illuminated Ones and their Mystery Babylon kingdom of merchants to re-establish a system of debt-based financial control as old as the Tower of Babel.

However, there’s a strange tendency linked to such things as trying to build New World Orders: They eventually grow far too big and end up biting the hand that feeds it.  Such an event happened in the early 1930’s when one Adolf Hitler made the unilateral decision that Germany would no longer participate in the accepted central banking model of debt-based finance.

The frustration in Red Shield circles would have been palpable, especially since they had actually financed the rise of this glorified gangster as a counter to their ongoing Marxist experiment in Russia.  The original plan was to build up a communist Russia and play it off against a Nazi Germany in yet another round of manipulated war carnage designed to further their objectives towards creating a world state.

Anyone who doubts that international merchant bankers from Europe and the United States were behind the rise of both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany only have to consult the excellent investigations of Professor Anthony C. Sutton.  Sutton categorically proved with documented evidence that western banking interests (read Red Shield) were instrumental in the rise of both murderous regimes.  He went on to show that even after the defeat of Nazi Germany, these same merchant bankers continued to provide financial support to the Soviet Union.  One can only assume that it was in aid of yet another Hegelian inspired strategy to play the United States off against the Soviets for mutual profit.

The German situation in 1934 was, however, different.  There was a distinct possibility that the Nazi use of state issued debt-free money would result in their complete financial independence from the Red Shield dominated banking cartels then controlling world financial policy.  It was as if the financial headache that was the American Revolution was happening all over again and it constituted a clear and present danger to the carefully laid plans of Mystery Babylon’s elite merchant banking class.  World War Two was quickly brought forward to the top of the agenda.

With the Red Shield making sure that every western resource was brought to bear in defeating Hitler, elements within the Nazi party realised early on that plans had to be changed if they were to survive.  One Nazi in particular would set about ensuring this would be so.

There is a story that goes like this:

An orphaned German baby was adopted by an English couple full of compassion for the little one’s plight.  As they brought the child up they noticed an oddly peculiar trait in the child: he never uttered a single sound.

As the baby passed its first couple of years his adopted English parents began to despair if he would ever talk.  Being loving parents they tried all manner of persuasion and encouragement, even going so far as to consult a famous child psychiatrist on what could be done.  But, alas, nothing seemed to work.

By the child’s third birthday his parents had resigned themselves to the fact that he was obviously some kind of rare mute, one that even England’s finest doctors could not help.

Then one day, while the family were sitting down to breakfast, the child spoke!

“Please pass ze marmalade,” he requested politely from his high chair.

His parents were astounded!  How could this be after all these years?  In shock, the child’s father asked him why, after all this time, he had finally spoken?

The child calmly spread some marmalade across his toast and then answered his father:  “Until now, everything has been satisfactory.”

Sure, its an old joke, but it’s my contention that the true life inspiration behind this tale is one Martin Bormann, Hitler’s sinister private secretary and a man famously described by NASA observer Richard C. Hoagland as ‘Dick Chaney, but without the warmth and charm’.

A professional Nazi, Bormann would successfully lay the foundation for an extra-national Fourth Reich to rise out of the ashes of the Third Reich.  Its base would be the southern extremities of the South American continent where Nazi scientists could continue their research and development into a bevy of exotic weapons and technologies, including possible anti-gravity flying craft.  While these would serve as an adequate deterrent against continued attack from the wartime allies, Martin Bormann had, more importantly, also established the long-term financial viability of the new Reich through the systematic rape and plundering of Europe’s largest corporations and the reinvestment of that wealth into the coffers of the Anglo-American banking elite, i.e. the Red Shield.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement at the time, but one in which, as Dr. Joseph P. Farrell puts it, ‘a marker was going to come due’ and the Red Shield were going to have to pay.  Also, with the rumoured investment in advanced weapons technology, it has been postulated by Dr. Farrell in his writings that the escaping Nazis were fully capable of backing up any threats against those that owed them money.

Central to this thesis of a Nazi/Red Shield financial détente at the end of the Second World War, is the documented programme of shifting ex-Nazi scientists into the United States’ space exploration efforts.  The infamous Operation Paperclip of the late 1940s and early 1950s has been demonstrated to have established a hard-core Nazi clique within the ranks of NASA, the United States’ supposed civilian agency charged with taking the nation into space.  This Nazi clique was a likely driving force in the establishment of a rumoured secret space program, more of which will be discussed later.

It must be born in mind that the Nazis were themselves full practitioners of the occult and, like the Red Shield and its Illuminated cohorts, this incorporated extreme sex-magic-blood rituals.  Stories abound of dark occult rites being practised in the deepest bowels of NASA as a result of the Nazi influence brought in under the auspicious of Operation Paperclip.  The Nazi swastika has undeniable associations with Saturnian symbols (Black Sun Swastikas for example) and points to yet another occult connection with the worship of Saturn and a hoped-for return to new Golden Age.  Is it a coincidence that the German designed rocket boosters used during the Apollo missions were called Saturn V rockets?

By the turn of this century, the influence of what researcher extraordinaire Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls the Nazi International points to a possible, yet hidden, third player at large in the current and ongoing financial crisis engulfing the world at the time of this writing.  To those interested in investigating this angle of a deeply influential post-Third Reich Nazi presence in world affairs, the writings of both Joseph P. Farrell and Richard C. Hoagland cannot be too highly recommended.

However, despite propagating a different financial philosophy and a decidedly different definition of who constituted the world’s elite, the Nazis are noted to have shared one particularly repugnant and important trait with their Red Shield contemporaries: the desire to pursue a eugenics-driven de-population agenda.

Without obvious reference to the reported horrors of the Holocaust, it has been reported that Nazi interest in the breeding patterns of certain undesirable races was a prominent area of investigation for their cadre of eugenic-oriented scientists.  Seen as the search for a form of human ‘pest’ control, Nazi efforts in this area clearly mirrored the ongoing efforts of Red Shield-backed eugenicists who viewed the excessive growth in world population numbers as nothing more than evidence of a harmful virus attacking the earth’s continued health.

The implications of arriving at this conclusion where humanity is reduced to the status of a virus fully reveals the basic fears of any given elite that sustained human population growth is a clear threat to the sustainability of the resources they require to maintain control and survive.

Speculation on these sinister de-population agendas further serves to highlight a related concept supposedly at the heart of the elite’s desire to push into outer-space.   This has been coined as the Break Away Civilisation theory, an intriguing take on a possible hidden purpose for a space programme in the modern age.  This, then brings us to our last, but not final, examination the ongoing Saturnian influence in the affairs of man in the Iron Age.

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