The Bronze Age: Man as God

With the passing of the Silver Age a search began for the perfect alloy of God and Man.  What was once the domain of mighty planets would now be the mythic and heroic exploits of the Bronze Age of Man.  It would be a time when conflict and war would become man’s highest expression.

(continued from The Silver Age and the Rise of the Bluebloods)

A now comparatively calm cosmos presided over the dawn of the Bronze Age of Man.  For the first time mankind could look up into the heavens and see a sky not unlike what we see today.

Complacency regarding the movements of the planets started setting in and man began to look within himself as a means of defining both the past and the future.  The fear of Doomsday shifted radically away from meticulous observation of the planets to a fear of bringing doomsday onto one’s self via one’s own actions.

In this way did the world see the rise of demigods, powerful mythical men and women whose destinies were considered independent of the will of whatever gods had gone before.  The Golden Age meant little in an age where men came to believe they could be a king by their own hand.  The Warrior-King now ruled and assumed the mantel of the Bluebloods who’s power had been declining after the events at Babel.  The age of War as the highest expression of man now held ascendancy with art and literature embracing the theme of the individual’s will to power as the essence of a new Heroic age.

However, Mars and Venus were going to have at least one last word on who really did determine the rise and fall of kings and kingdoms.  Rivers would run red, locusts storms would strip the land, frogs would breed like rabbits and first-born children would suffer statistically improbable rates of death.  Worst of all, slaves would feel free to throw off their master’s yoke and an old idea of what constituted righteousness and justice would re-emerge.   Though a promising beginning for this new breed of Bluebloods, the Bronze Age of Man was not going to be a total picnic those warrior-kings who would be their own and everybody else’s masters.

Mars and Venus continue to threaten the Earth

The first clue as to what awaited the inhabitants of the Bronze epoch could have been deduced from the fate of a little-known city-state that enjoyed a certain specialised agricultural monopoly.

Courtesy of the rise of agriculture near the end of the proceeding Age of Silver, some plants had been found to exhibit desirable properties other than nourishment.  Though this would have been known at a local level for millennia, it wasn’t until the advent of concentrated farming that the commercial potential of these certain plants could be realised.

A Turkish poppy. Credit: Mark Nesbitt and Delwen Samuel

Chief amongst these was the now infamous poppy plant, a flower capable of transporting those who indulged in its juices into blissful myopic trances free of all lingering doomsday anxieties.  And the city-state that enjoyed a monopoly in the cultivation and distribution of this highly addictive drug?  Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sodom and Gomorrah was, in its day, the Afghan opium fields, the Golden Triangle and the British East India Company rolled into one.  Its product was known as the Grapes of Gomorrah, to others as Wormwood, and a certain Jesus Christ would himself one day be offered its numbing comfort as he hung dying in agony on a Roman cross.  Forget the stories of its sexual depravities and deviant proclivities, this town was an efficient drug dealing operation second only to the CIA – and its market at the beginning of an increasingly immoral Age of Bronze was only getting bigger.

Quite naturally, Sodom and Gomorrah’s opium trade had proved remarkably recession proof in the aftermath of the Tower of Babel economic debacle.  Under such circumstances people just wanted to forget, kick back and get out of it.  Opium has a excellent capacity to help you do just that and its addictive properties ensured a ready supply of willing debtors to the temple-based merchant bankers who had survived the fallout from Babel.  Due to its burgeoning wealth and influence as a result of the trade of opium, Sodom and Gomorrah proved a robust economic model perfectly capable of stepping into Babel’s shoes.  It quickly became a magnet for drug traffickers and money lenders all over.

One such trader and his friend, however, would soon find themselves unwilling witnesses to a new onslaught of interplanetary skirmishes with dire consequences for the now flourishing Sodom and Gomorrah economy.  In what would be the beginnings of a series of terrifying reminders of what still was the most potent force in determining the future of mankind, Sodom and Gomorrah suddenly ceased to exist!  In one night, the drug dealing capital of the Old Testament world was completely obliterated in a way that would haunt kings and paupers alike and scar for evermore the psyches of those who would do naughty things in public toilets.

The trader and his friend mooching about their business in and around Sodom and Gomorrah were a certain Lot and Abram.  Lot got out just in time thanks to a warning from Abram who seemed to have had prior knowledge of what was coming down on the city.  On the way out, Lot’s wife unwisely took a look back at the rain of carnage annihilating the city and reportedly, as the expression goes, froze into a pillar of salt in sheer terror at the sight.  A massive interplanetary arcing bolt of plasma vaporising the earth clean at its white-hot point of contact will do that to you.

A John Martin painting that captures the carnage inflicted on Sodom and Gomorrah. (image PD)

Or maybe it was the spectacle of an out of control Mars or Venus unexpectedly looming large in the night sky while indiscriminately pouring giant electrical flames on to the earth that did it?

In any case, Earth had just been given another reminder that Venus or Mars (I’m not sure which one for this particular event) still had the capacity to turn up at inconvenient times.  The upshot was that Sodom and Gomorrah was gone and warrior-kings the world over now had a whole new set of problems to deal with, the least of which was that the various people under their control were demanding that they do something about it.

But what to do?  Enter our old friends the priest-kings, the original Bluebloods.  They had an interesting solution for these warrior-king upstarts – a set of sexy rituals designed placate the angry gods that would consolidate power over the people.  Except that they weren’t sexy at all,… because, since the end of the Silver Age, these rituals had degenerated into truly frightening ceremonial gang rapes complete with the sexual debauching of children and babies followed by their actual agonising murder.

The Saturn Death Cult begins

They called it a kind of sex magick.  Within the hidden secret societies and mystery schools from the previous age, the mythologies and legends recording the actual planetary events of the Golden Age had been distorted into literal humanistic dramas.  These dramas were then to be physically re-enacted out as ritual by those aspiring to own the legacy of Saturn’s power and authority as creator.

Under this scenario you can pick out any number of warped sexual patterns within mythology and turn it into perverted sexual satisfaction masked as ceremony:

  • Rubens' depiction of Saturn devouring his own children. Some human kings have been accused of trying to emulate this act, though no real public evidence of this exists. (image PD)

  • Old-man Saturn takes young Venus as a bride in the myths, so on Earth the king takes a virginal (read ‘child’) priestess of Aphrodite (Venus) and has sex with her.

  • Mars is the warrior god born of Venus who rebels against Saturn and ultimately ascends to heaven to have sex with his mother, so warrior-kings find themselves doing the same thing in defiance of their fathers (check out King David’s son Absalom in the Bible).

  • Saturn, under his Greek identity as the god Kronos, devours his own children,… so human kings have reportedly done the same with human children, possibly even their own as the occasion demands. (see the suspected antics of one Caligula)
  • Jupiter/Zeus determines to take Saturn/Kronos’ crown by gutting him to release his previously devoured sisters and brothers from Saturn’s bowels.  Zeus then promptly marries his sister Hera.  Naturally, earthly kings follow suit and end up marrying and having sex with their sisters – moronic inbreed heirs ensue and today we can see the legacy of this policy within our various political elites.

. . . And so on. . .  Ritual sex act after ritual sex act, blood sacrifice after blood sacrifice, ritualistic act of cannibalism after ritualistic act of cannibalism.  The Silver Age’s need to record actual cosmic events as mythic records to ensure Doomsday lessons would not be forgotten was eroded into what became a sex-ritual control mechanism.  This mechanism could be seen as the first applications of shadow government-sponsored mind-control programmes.  They were designed to reduce once-proud warrior-kings to the role of sex-puppets in an insane attempt to imbue a supposed elite class of people with the authority of Saturn as cosmic lord and creator.  Power politics on Earth had taken a nasty turn even as the planets Mars and Venus continued to menace the population’s existence.

It’s almost impossible to contemplate what these Bluebloods were thinking of in their belief that disgusting and perverted rituals could alter the physical courses of physical planetary bodies.  However, it seems this toxic nonsense was now a worldwide phenomena.

Human sacrifice goes global

In the New World the elites of the AmerIndian nations practised horrific variations on these same themes on the great stone pyramids and temples still standing there today.  Lesser American tribes, complete with their totem representations of the Axus Mundi as backdrops, did the same thing with the lesser resources at their disposal.  The result was still a very unpleasant experience for their unfortunate victims.

Detail from the Codex Magliabechiano depicting human sacrifice in the Americas. (image PD)

South Seas peoples routinely practised ritualised cannibalism as part of their royal and military etiquette even up to within recent memory.  The Phoenicians were notorious for their child sacrifices, revolting even the hard-bitten Romans by their practices.  Even Israelite kings in the Bible reputedly threw their first-born into fires in self-serving ritual acts of sacrifice.  European pagans indulged in macabre human sacrifices of war prisoners and possible acts of cannibalism to mark cosmic events while certain African tribes refined painful mutilation ceremonies involving child deaths.

Enter the Hebrews

However, there was one class of people that didn’t necessarily see the raids of Mars and Venus as the acts of gods but, (and here is the subtle difference) they rather viewed such cosmic events as the righteous manifestation of the one true God’s anger and justice.  On its next flyby, Venus was to give these people the impetus to break free from a state of national slavery and establish a nation under a one true God.

The Exodus of Israel out of Egypt would be marked by yet more cataclysmic events resulting in multiple falls of once powerful warrior-kings in a number of nations – most prominently that of Egypt, the kingdom born out of the arrival of refugees escaping the cataclysm that had sunk Atlantis at the end of the now distant Golden Age.

The story of the Israelite Exodus out of Egyptian slavery is replete with references to what can only be described as the effects of yet more cosmic interactions between planetary bodies.  It’s been postulated that the famous ten plagues of Exodus and the parting of Red Sea were the physical gravitational effects of a close pass by Venus on its violent and erratic path to its present day orbit.  As far as the Israelites were concerned the highly convenient approach of Venus was a result of divine timing on the part of their deity.  They made no reference to the planet in their writings, only to the power of their god.

Whatever one’s take on the causes of the Exodus, the Israelite interpretation of events marked a full-blown revolution in the way people perceived cosmic upheavals as an expression of God or gods.  Instead of attributing the actual bodies involved with god-like status, the Israelite way of thinking was to identify cosmic upheavals as evidence of a one true God’s power.  Under this interpretation, the planet Saturn was not the actual Creator, but the tool of the one true, yet still hidden Creator.  And so too were the subsequent actions of all the other planets involved in the great cosmic dramas since the Golden Age.

The next leap forward in the Israelite train of logic was to conclude that the actual physical events in the cosmic upheavals of the Golden Age as well as those in their own age were actually nothing less than the one true Creator’s first actual communication or message to mankind.

Moses redefines natural events as the Word of God. (painting by Rebera, image PD)

According to this train of thought, the physical effects of interplanetary upheavals were of no divine consequence unless one could discern and understand the intrinsic message being communicated by such events.  Cosmic upheaval and interplanetary disturbances were now viewed as the divinely communicated Word of the Creator, or the Logos of the Creator.

The conclusion was simple and very monotheistic:  Work out the message behind a series of essentially natural events and your were effectively understanding and communicating with the Creator.  You would subsequently be able to understand the Creator’s motives and the Creator’s objectives.  Under this methodology, a careful observer of the consequences of the Creator’s actions in nature could then proceed with the sure authority that they were acting in the best interests of the Creator’s plan for the future of his Creation.

In essence, what the Israelites represented was a rediscovery of what the Priesthoods at the beginning of the Silver Age had tried to institute through the careful recording as mythology of the cosmic events witnessed during the Golden Age.  Stated again, through the construct of mythology they had hoped to impress upon future generations an overall message with warnings on how to avoid another Doomsday scenario.

Ritual as validation of the elite

To the warrior-kings and the elites immersed in the performance of rituals, this concept of direct communication with the divine by simple observation and understanding of natural events was simply intolerable.  They were the arisocracy of purpose and their purpose in life was to perform rituals on behalf of humanity.

Only through carefully staged re-enactments by chosen human representatives playing out the actions attributed to the gods could the path to true enlightenment and the comprehension of any hidden message be attained.  The grander the ritual, the loftier the temple, the more likely you were to experience its hidden message.  The expense of this alone meant your average Joseph didn’t have a hope in hell of staging a descent ascent to enlightenment.

And that’s just the way the elite liked it.

Enlightenment was not something to be taken lightly, and it certainly shouldn’t be available to the great unwashed.  You simply could not have a whole nation of people thinking they were able to make individual judgements based on the simple observation of events or the study of written reports on such events.  That would mean everyone would have the potential to understand the motives and plans of the supreme Creator.  Who would be special and elite then?

No!  Slamming on with ever more complicated and outlandish rituals was the only way to seriously maintain the true path to Golden Age-type enlightenment, and the best way to do this was to ensure that every nation adopted the warrior-king model of elite government for and by the elite.  ‘Guy-in-charge’ was the only acceptable order of nature in the minds of those elites who were, funny enough, the guys in charge.

And that’s where Israel found itself going wrong (genocidal campaigns of conquest aside – which is another story) .

Israel rejects its God, chooses a warrior-king

Under warrior kings it doesn't take long before people are doing this kind of thing. (Biblical image of offerings being made to Moloch - image PD)

Israel became corrupted.  They took their eye of the ball and looked around to see if there was anything more exciting than the dreary headache of studying the Word.  Maybe there was a sexier way of gaining an understanding of the mind of God?

Bored with trying to understand God’s messages within Creation, Israel decided it wanted a warrior-king of its own to do the understanding for them.  It got one, and within about seven generations they were ritually sacrificing their first-born into the fires of a pathetic owl/bull god called Moloch.

(see here for an interesting article on modern Moloch worship)

A 1907 photo of the infamous Bohemian Grove staging a performance of 'The Cremation of Care', a play still performed at this elitist club to this day. Some believe the play represents a modern day re-enactment of Moloch worship, though there is no evidence that actual children have been sacrificed as part of the fun. (image PD)

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