Cosmology – picture of the day – Possibly the best resource for all things Electric Universe and plasma-related comparative mythology.  Very scientific and very non-mainstream, these guys are serious about spreading the word on this ground-breaking alternative science. – The personal site of Wallace Thornhill, the leading physicist on Electric Universe theory.

Electric Sky – Website for the work of retired professor of electrical engineering Donald E. Scott.  His Electric Sky book was the first book to fully introduce me to the possibilities that mainstream astrophysics maybe doesn’t have all the answers. – Ev Cochrane’s site that is one of the best introductions you can have to what is ‘Saturn Theory’, the concept that the planet Saturn once sat as a sun in its own right in the celestial north of Earth’s skies. – A massive data-base for articles relating to evidence for inter-planetary and terrestial catastrophic events.

Alternative Research

Red Ice Creations – A refreshingly neutral site dealing with all manner of esoteric, conspiratorial, alternative science and occult subjects.  Red Ice Radio, with its host Henrik Palmgren, is a model for non-belligerent and open-minded radio journalism – I look forward to each installment.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – I cannot recommend the work of Dr Farrell too strongly, especially his books ‘Babylon’s Banksters’ and ‘Nazi International’.  In a niche often saturated with irresponsible hyperbole and mediocre scholarship, Dr. Farrell provides calming and alarmingly clear perspectives on a number of alternative research topics.  For an excellent source of radio interviews with Dr Farrell, go to The Byte Show (and please make a small donation).

David McGowan – The author of the highly entertaining yet disturbing series ‘Inside the LC’, Dave McGowan is also the author of the essential ‘Programmed to Kill’ ebook, a cynical look into the serial killer myth and its links to mind-control programmes.  I consider his work central to understanding the modern day activities of what I call the Saturn Death Cult.

Jay Weidner – Filmmaker and alchemist, Jay Weidner provides some of the clearest thinking on matters alchemical and occult.  His studies into the life and works of famed film director Stanley Kubrick are alternative research classics.

Richard C. Hoagland – The don of alternative space research.  A keen observer of all things NASA, Hoagland provides evidence for the Masonic, Nazi and occult influences that have shaped NASA’s role in space exploration.

Daniel Estulin – Authoritive source for all things Bilderberg.  A cut above the usual fluff claiming to expose conspiracy at high levels, Estulin is a consumate investigative journalist able to sort the evidence from the heresay.

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