A Whole New World of Pain

It’s estimated as many as fifty million people were put to death as a consequence of the Church’s Holy Inquisition.  The realisation that a whole New World existed beyond the horizon was a welcome revelation to power-hungry Church, but an Apocalypse to its inhabitants.

(continued from The Illuminated Church)

Through the organised butchery of vast swathes of the European population in the name of it’s Jovian-corrupted Melchizedekian values, the Nicolaitans had thought to maintain their position at the top of the Christian food chain.

The threat posed by a variant interpretation of their Christian doctrines, Protestantism, was really no threat at all to the Jovian status quo because Protestants had their own gang of Nicolaitans who still clung to the essentials of a Jovian inspired Christianity.  However, the period known as the Inquisition proved to be one giant Nicolaitan bloodbath that only served to weaken the overall authority of the Church as it headed towards its greatest test yet.

The modern industrial age and its alarmingly noisy machines lay just over the horizon and the hard work being put in by Mystery Babylon was starting to pay off.  Crucial to progress in the march to an industrial age was the growing need for energy to drive new fangled contraptions that were boosting farm production.  At first, the issue was to produce more food to feed the growing population of Europe as it recovered from the twin depravations of the Inquisition and a deadly plague remembered as the Black Death.  But the underlying issue was the control of the land on which food could be grown.

The energy required to drive machines meant access to resources was essential and access to resources meant having access to larger tracts of land.  Land costs money, especially if you are going to develop it.  The Illuminated Ones recognised an opportunity and control over the new facet of land acquisition and energy production was added to their ever expanding portfolio of enterprises.  They carefully invested in voyages of exploration in search of new lands and sat back in the expectation of increased profits.  Best of all, with the Church currently occupied with its internecine Catholic/Protestant death struggle, the Illuminated Ones were free to engage in whatever form of government they could impose in any new lands that came under the influence of their ritually controlled warrior-kings.

That is, until the advent of one of those game changing events that tends to set warrior-kings off into cannibalistic feeding frenzies of lethal wars of conquest – the discovery of gold.

Over the generations, a few people from the Old World had been kind of aware of the existence of the New World for thousands of years.  The Nicolaitans only became aware of it just over five hundred years ago.   They had a bit of catching up to do and determined early on that their influence would, quite naturally, be forcibly established amongst the curiously heathen types that populated this new world.

When the discovery of gold became a part of the New World equation, the Nicolaitans found themselves scrambling to keep control of events.  Warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church started attacking warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church, who, in turn, were attacked by warrior-kings sworn to uphold the authority of the Church.  Amidst all the unauthorised attacking, the idea of what Church authority exactly stood for started to break up in favour of a feverish trust in the authority of gold.  And with so much gold now flooding into the Old World from the New, previously stable economies started to suffer the inevitable imbalances brought about by consequent price inflation.

The Church sought to arrest the situation and decreed that, since all the gold in all the world was God’s, it was, by implication, the Church’s.  But nobody really heard that one and the Pope would eventually be forced to up the anti by claiming his edicts were infallible,… so they had better listen.  By the time the Pope and the Nicolaitans had resorted to that tactic, the Church had become virtually irrelevant.

And it was all according to plan.

You see, the rape and pillage of the New World and its gold reserves continued unabated with droves of people upping stakes from under the Church and making a move to pastures more golden.  But the real consequences masked by this demographic shift was almost entirely hidden to mainstream history.  The Nicolaitans missed it completely and your average warrior-king hadn’t a clue as to what they were looking at when it came to the New World.  All they could see was gold and land.  Only the Illuminated Ones fully understood the implications of what was hidden in plain sight.   And it would forever change their approach to sex-blood ritual as a control mechanism in a world now fully entering into the age of machines.

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